How to know the data of the battery health of the iPad

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salud bateria ipad.jpg

One of the peculiarities of the iPhone is that it allows us to know the battery health, a detail that goes beyond curiosity and that can help us keep our device like the first day. When the battery begins to drop beyond what is recommended, the system itself will send us a warning to change it and, thus, maximize the useful life of our device. Did you know that you can also know the iPad’s battery health data? We tell you how you can do it and what kind of information the system will show us.

How to view iPad battery health status

It’s funny that Apple, being so transparent about the health of the iPhone’s battery, doesn’t offer the same thing in a more accessible way on the iPad. However, although it is data that is not included natively on this device, we can see it thanks to a shortcut developed by third parties.

ipad 2 battery health

This shortcut comes from the hand of I Tech Everything and can be downloaded from here. To use it, you must follow these steps. First of all, install PowerUtil from the link we have provided. Now, you will see a screen that informs you about the processes that are going to be followed, you just have to confirm that you have read them and then click on Analysis data. On this screen, in the search box, type aggregated and select the file containing the most recent date (usually the last one in the list). pretend you’re going to share it and choose to share this file with PowerUtil.

It is done. With these steps you will be able to have information about the health of the iPad battery, as well as other data that may be interesting to you in this regard, such as the load cycles that your device carries.

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