How to clear the cache in iOS of an application

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como borrar cache en ios.jpg

delete the cache It is something quite important if we want our devices to perform well. The ideal is to do it from time to time, before getting slowdown or crash problems, but it has happened to all of us that, suddenly, an app has stopped working or the PC browser has started to go very slow. Today we want to tell you how to clear the cache in iOS of an application, since, depending on the app, it may be somewhat hidden. Take note, I’m sure you’ll need it at some point.

What is clear cache and what is it for?

Before going into the matter, we give you a little literature. What is clear cache? It’s about a process by which temporary files are deleted that have been created with use. This cache is not bad in itself, since it can allow us to load certain apps faster, for example. But if you never delete it, you can have gigs and gigs of information there that can not only make your app misbehave, but also is taking up storage space on your device.

how to clear cache in ios of an app

How to clear the cache in iOS of an application

The other day, suddenly, Instagram stopped opening. It kept loading on the home screen logo. At first I thought it was a bug in the app, but after doing the usual questions (asking someone else, looking on Twitter and checking Downdetector), I assumed that the problem was only me.

That’s when, after trying to close the app in the background or restart the mobile, I looked for how to clear the cache. There are some applications, such as Wallapop, that if you access them from the Settings menu, an option appears to clear the cache directly. However, for others, like Instagram, you will have to follow the following route: Settings – General – iPhone Storage. Here, you wait for the entire list to load and look for the app you want to clear the cache of. You will see two options:

  • Uninstall app: Clears the app and clears the cache, but does NOT clear the data and documents contained therein. This is the best option when we simply want to clear the cache. For example, I had drafts made on Instagram that I didn’t want to lose. When it finishes uninstalling, you will see Reinstall app. Hit it and everything will continue as before (even with the session started).
  • Delete app: This completely removes the app and its related data (documents, files, login…).

We hope this little tutorial has been useful to you.