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How to Archive Instagram Stories Without Posting Them

instagram stories are one of the great protagonists of this social network. Now we know thanks to Alessandro Paluzzithat very soon we will be able archive instagram stories without posting previously. We can also highlight them without passing through our ephemeral timeline. Let’s see how.

Soon we will be able to archive Instagram stories without publishing them

At the moment, it is a leak that has come from the hands of Alessandro Paluzzi, who has found this new function in the application code. As we see in the image below, when it arrives this update, we will find four options before publishing a story. We can send to our stories, share in the Best friends group, show it only to users who follow you back or save to file.

In addition, this novelty does not come alone. And it is that Paluzzi himself has also revealed to us that we can also share stories in the highlights of our profile without having published them before. What interest can this have? Mainly if you want to “benefit” those followers who watch your featured stories, the most loyal, but you don’t want it to be public for everyone.

The truth is that the first option seems more interesting than the second, but, in any case, even if we do not plan to use either of these two alternatives at the moment, it is always very interesting that the applications we use continue to be updated and bring us news. to get more out of them and so that more and more users can use them exactly as they wish.

Refering to Availability Dateit is something that has not been made official, but we hope that it will arrive in the next updates of instagram.

And you, do you find these options interesting? Do you think you will use them or in this case you will do without them when they are available?

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