How to activate fall detection on the Pixel Watch

deteccion de caidas en el pixel watch.jpg
deteccion de caidas en el pixel watch.jpg

It is a function that in the Apple watch has already left more than one beautiful story and that without a doubt can help us all a lot. Now, it has just landed on the flagship of Google watches with interesting options to give us a hand when we need it most. Today we tell you how the pixel Watch fall detection works and how you can activate it.

What is the fall detection of the Pixel Watch

The Google clock now incorporates the fall detection function. For our part, we will only have to activate this option from the configuration of our wearable and wear it at the moment the fall occurs.

How does it work? It makes joint use of clock sensors and the google algorithms to detect if there has been a fall or if, on the contrary, it is the normal activity of the user. For example, if you are exercising or dancing, it will not be considered a fall if the practice requires it.

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In case the watch detects this situation, it will vibrate and emit an alarm for 30 seconds, which we can only turn off if we answer a message that we will see on the screen. This message will give us two options: I’m fine / I’ve fallen and I need help.

In the event that we do not press any option in our PixelWatch, the alarm will be much louder for an additional 60 seconds, so that it can attract the attention of others nearby. If there is no response, after this minute and a half call the emergency services and the person’s location will be indicated, even if the person is unable to speak.

How to activate it

If you want to detect the fall detection of the Pixel Watch, you will have to do it from the watch itself in Settings – Personal Security. This option is already available in Spain and in the rest of the markets where the watch is for sale, except in the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, France, the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and Japan, where they will still have to wait. a little more.

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