How can you transcribe voice notes on WhatsApp

how can you transcribe voice notes on whatsapp
how can you transcribe voice notes on whatsapp

We all have a friend who sends endless audios every day … and if you don’t have it, it’s you. Now, Mark Zuckerberg’s instant messaging application has revealed that very soon we will be able to  transcribe voice notes on WhatsApp , without the need for third-party apps and without tricks.

Transcribe voice notes in WhatsApp: for now only on iOS

It seems that this option will reach iOS users at first , although we hope that sooner or later this function will also be enabled for Android users. The reason that for now it will only be available to people who have an iPhone in their hands is because the processing will be done by Apple, never Facebook. Therefore, you will have to give WhatsApp permissions to be able to use Apple’s voice recognition system , if you want this option to work.

transcribe voice notes on whatsapp

The possibility of receiving the audio content in text format can be an advantage for many people, especially if they send us a voice note at a time when we cannot hear it and we do not want to wait for another moment to know what the other is saying to us. person.

To be able to transcribe voice notes in WhatsApp we will have to have this option activated, lower the volume of the mobile (to prevent it from ringing through the speaker) and we will read fragments of text at the same time that the audio is being played. We can move forward or backward through the timeline that appears in the audio square.

When will it be available?

As is usual when this type of information arrives through WaBetaInfo, for now they are functions that are being tested and that  do not have a confirmed implementation date. Therefore, for now we have to wait and dream of a world in which we do not have to spend the day listening to voice notes.