Himo L2, an ideal scooter to travel your city pleasantly

himo l2 un scooter ideal para disfrutar recorridos en la ciudad.jpg
himo l2 un scooter ideal para disfrutar recorridos en la ciudad.jpg

The Himo L2 It is an electric scooter that comes to the market from the hand of the Xiaomi group, promising to provide comfortable and pleasant tours around the city, but does it have what it takes to stand out from the crowd in the middle of 2021? Well, let’s find out.

We can start by saying that it is a folding eScooter with 10-inch wheels, whose 350W motor provides a maximum speed of 25KM / h and reaches a range of 35km thanks to its 18,650 high-quality cell battery; In addition, it has a double brake system for greater safety. If you are interested in knowing this scooter in greater detail, you have come to the right place. On the other hand, if what you are looking for is a high quality electric bike, then perhaps the Xiaomi Himo Z20 With its autonomy of 80km, it is for you.

Himo L2 technical specifications

Dimensions / Dimensions Folded 1180 x 495 x 1200 mm / 1180 x 495 x 490 mm
Weight 18.7kg
Colors Black White
Materials Aluminium alloy
Wheels size 10 inches
Maximum weight supported 100 kilos
Folding Yes
Endurance IPX4
Monitor HD LCD screen
Electric motor 350 W
Maximum speed 25 km / h
Maximum slope 25 °
Brakes Front and rear E-ABS disc brakes
Modes of use Without assistance, with electric assistance, 100% electric
Capacity 10Ah lithium ion battery
Autonomy Up to 35 km
Recharge time 6 hours
Package content Electric Scooter L2, Charger, User Manual.
Manufacturer site Himo

Foldable and robust, this is this electric scooter

At first glance, we can see that the scooter has a really stylish and high-quality build. The entire body is metal and the frame itself is the dominant element of the scooteras it is guided along the circumference of the tread portion, above the rear wheel fender.

As you can see, it is a vehicle designed for the city, since it lacks suspension. Despite the latter, it is very comfortable to drive thanks to the presence of 10 inch wheels (7cm thick), which are unusually wide for an urban electric scooter.

Himo L2

In another vein, the motor is located in a standard place, on the front wheel, from where the cable leads from the main rod to the control unit.

Looking at the scooter from below, we will notice other cables coming from the steering bar to the battery compartment and this is something to criticize, since they are poorly placed on the outside. They even touch the fender of the front wheel, which could cause problems when driving off-road, but that is something we should avoid anyway, since there are simply none of the conditions for driving on rustic terrain.

The Himo L2 is foldable

One of the biggest attractions of the Himo L2 is its folding capacity. In this sense, it normally measures 1180 x 495 x 1200 mm, but in 3 simple steps we can make it occupy 1180 x 495 x 490 mm, so it is relatively easy to store it or carry it by hand; although the latter is debatable, given that the scooter weighs 18.7 kilos in total and nothing can change that.

Handlebar and other features

The bar leading to the handlebar is black and its diameter is up to 4.7 cm. The handlebars are 120 cm from the ground and unfortunately their height is not adjustable. However, this contributes to making the structure stronger.

Himo L2 - Display

In the center of the handlebar there is a LCD screen which is slightly tilted upward. The scooter is started by a button on the throttle control, which is located right next to the right grip. However, we feel that the screen is nonsense, after all, it only shows us an approximate battery charge (not specific%), speed and current mode.

On the front we find a small LED headlight, which is complemented by a rear brake light on the fender and four orange reflective lenses on the sides.

Engine and performance

What drives the HIMO L2 is a 350W brushless motor with a 25km / h top speed, the standard figure for vehicles in this category (and the maximum according to the DGT in Spain). It should be noted that there are 3 modes classified according to speed: 15, 20 or 25 km / h and these are represented on the screen through the screen in color codes (white, orange and red).

Himo L2 - Engine Features

As you have probably noticed, the scooter has a pair of brake levers. The left is used to control the rear mechanical disc brake and the right is used for the functionality of the electronic brake, thanks to which you only brake with the engine. The Himo L2 can boast of having independent brakes for both wheels, as for their effectiveness, it is nothing to write home about, but they do their job well enough.

The driving experience itself is very satisfactory, and we do not say it only based on its price, it is even more comfortable to use than the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro, since the Himo L2 better dampens the passage through unevenness and the overall stability is significantly better; although yes, only on paved roads.

Himo L2 in the city

The only thing that really disappoints us about it is the lack of connectivity and integration with a mobile application, especially since it is a product belonging -in a certain way- to the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Autonomy and battery

Lastly, the scooter’s built-in 18,650-cell battery provides continuous power output, with a pure electrical life of up to 35 kilometers. In addition, the effective energy use rate reaches 85% and fully recharging is a matter of 5 to 6 hours.

Battery and autonomy

Availability and price of the Himo L2

Those interested in this Xiaomi electric scooter can purchase it through the Geekbuying.com online store for a very reasonable price.

  • Sturdy, foldable construction
  • Sturdy 10-inch wheels
  • Decent autonomy
  • The price is not bad

  • Considerably heavy
  • Absence of wireless connectivity
  • No smart features
  • Handlebar height is not adjustable
Total score


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