Harman Kardon Citation 200, a success for the home

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Wireless speakers are in high demand, and even more so if they have advanced home automation systems. This is the case of the model that we are going to analyze today, the Harman Kardon Citation 200, a sound device with some surprises. We have been lucky enough to test very good quality speakers, such as the JBL Xtreme 3, but this particular model has certain differences that focus it more on home use. In this review we will analyze the features of this device part by part, keep reading to know our final opinion.

A design that could be better

The first sensation we have had when seeing the Harman Kardon Citation 200 is that it is an excessively sober speaker. As we often say, these types of perceptions are subjective and it may be what you are looking for. However, despite this first impression, it must be admitted that the size is very adequate, since with measurements of 178 x 219 x 172mm, and weighing just under Three kilos, its transport and location is very simple. In fact, this device has a leather handle that is not only attractive, but also very resistant.

Harman Kardon Citation 200

The chosen materials are the synthetic string that covers almost the entire speaker, together with the metallized plastic for the different parts where the buttons and connection terminals are located. It also has stainless steel for the clasps that hook the aforementioned leather strap used for transportation. The charging base It is made of a simpler plastic, without metal finishes, which we consider a mistake since it does not follow the marked line.

The buttons are distributed, finding the most important options when using the device at the top; volume up and down, bluetooth, assistance and off. In the lower part of the rear area we have the pilot of the Wi-Fi connection, the connection for USB type C and the microphone activation button. Finally the charging base has the connector for the power supply.

Harman Kardon Citation 200

In general, this is a design that follows the line of the range Citation Family, very focused on the home of modernist design. It is not bad at all, but we believe that there are certain aspects that could improve the design to adapt it to more types of rooms. Even so, there is always the option of opting for a more adaptable color line, such as black, or more daring, in a very curious salmon color.

Systems and sound quality

The brand had had certain problems in terms of sound with past models. Luckily, the Harman Kardon Citation 200 It is heard very well in most situations and rooms.. However, we must bear in mind that it is a speaker focused on the home, so it will always be heard better in closed rooms.

The technology applied to the audio of this device has been modified with respect to past versions, being able to emit many more tones within the auditory spectrum. The speaker system is two-way, thus having a 5-inch woofer for midrange and bass, Y one inch tweeter along with two passive radiators for the lower tones. The entire system rests on a integrated 50 watt amplification system.

Harman Kardon Citation 200

We miss the inclusion of an equalizer that gives us more control over the sound. However, we are clear that this type of addition makes the speakers very expensive and we understand that it has not been included in a model in this price range.

Features of the Harman Kardon Citation 200

The functionality of this speaker is directly related to the Google home assistant system. As we will explain later, the Harman Kardon Citation 200 must be connected through a mobile device to the application Google Home. With it we can control our device so that it plays whatever we want, although we can also talk directly to it by saying “Hey Google”, which will activate the microphone so that we can give an order. Those of you who are used to this type of system will already know how comfortable it is in some situations.

This particular model has the option to listen to more than 300 streaming music services with a system that has included, the Cast Built In. They will all be in high definition and available at any time, although we can always connect our own streaming playback systems. In addition, we can perform simultaneous playback if we have several Citation 200, since these can be connected to each other to achieve a more enveloping sound. They can also work separately so that everyone can listen to what they want in different places.

The last thing we should highlight is that the connection with mobile devices, as we will delve into below, can be done with Android or IOS. The first with the most common systems, and the second with Apple Music through AirPlay.

Harman Kardon Citation 200 connectivity and battery

Like most devices in this sector, what the brand is looking for is easy placement and comfortable use. For this reason, the wireless approach is chosen for the Harman Kardon Citation 200. It has Bluetooth 4.2 and with WIFI to make all the necessary connections with mobile devices or with other speakers of the same model. Taking into account that the compatibility is total, whether they are Android or IOS devices, it is very efficient. To make the Bluetooth connection, we will only have to pair the devices, and for WIFI, we will have to enter our password in the speaker. Once this is done, we will only have to download the Google Home APP and start using it. Although we always have the option of the cable connection of USB Type-C.

Harman Kardon Citation 200

The battery of this speaker is 4800 mAh, which gives you a Approximate autonomy of about eight hours. It’s not much, of course, but it’s enough for comfortable use in any situation. In addition, if we take into account that it is a speaker focused on home use, it is rare that we cannot connect it to the electrical network in an emergency. In addition, recharging can be done through the battery of a mobile device that is connected via USB, thus sharing its batteries. The usual recharge is not fast, but not excessively slow either, being completely ready in about three hours.

Features of the Harman Kardon Citation 200

Harman Kardon Citation 200

Kardon Citation 200

Dimensions 178 x 219 x 172mm
Weight 2.85kg
Colors grey, black, salmon
Certification IPX4
Power 50W
frequency response 40Hz-20kHz
transducer Tweeter 1 x 25mm, woofer 1 x 120mm
signal to noise ratio >80dB
Radio Yes
music playing time up to 8 hours
Loading time 3 hours
connectivity Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi
Box contents 1 x Speaker, 1x Charging Cradle, 2 x Power Cord, 1 x Quick Start Guide

Availability and price of the Harman Kardon Citation 200

It is clear after carrying out this analysis that this speaker is one of the most prepared to be used inside the home. It has some sound improvements that are felt, the connections and compatibility are up to the task, and the design, despite thinking that it can be improved, can be adapted to a sober environment accompanied by more family speakers. It has many advantages and few disadvantages, since the price is not very high either. For all this we grant you the Silver Giz Award with a good note.

Next, we leave you a purchase link:

  • Great sound, especially indoors
  • Efficient connections and compatibilities
  • Good value for money
  • Design with good finishes
  • Google voice assistant
  • amazing features

  • Difficult design to adapt to all types of homes
  • Bluetooth a bit dated
  • Could improve your battery

Total score