Google app permissions will be revoked if you don’t use them

google app permissions will be revoked if you don't use them
google app permissions will be revoked if you don't use them

Admit it: you have also fallen many times into that of installing an app, accepting all the permissions without looking at them and then letting it fall into oblivion… but keep it on your smartphone. Just in case. Not only does this slowly eat away at your space, it could also lead to security issues. For this reason,  Google has announced that from now on the permissions of the apps will be removed if you spend three months without using them . We tell you how it works exactly.

Google Play Protect is responsible for removing the permissions of Google apps

This measure comes under the umbrella of  Google Play Protect  initiatives and is already included automatically if you have a smartphone running  Android 6 onwards . It is nothing new, since we have seen it from Android 11 natively, but now it expands to other devices of the Google operating system.


If you want to check if you have this working (and activate it in case it is not), you can follow the following route:

  • Enter the Google Play Store
  • Click on the icon of your profile photo to enter your account
  • Downgrade to Google Play Protect
  • Click on Remove permissions from applications that are not used
  • Then tap View apps
  • Here you can see which apps already have their permissions revoked, in which ones you can activate them and activate it in all of them if that is what you want.

This function is very interesting to improve the performance of your device, but above all to work for the user’s security and privacy. Being available from Android 6, the range is widened so that it can be implemented on most smartphones that are currently active.

Via | XDA Developers