Garmin Forerunner 965 and 265, advanced training watches

garmin lanza las series forerunner 965 y 265 para entrenamiento avanzado.jpg
garmin lanza las series forerunner 965 y 265 para entrenamiento avanzado.jpg

garmin has launched the new forerunner series watches, these are the Forerunner 965 and 265 with AMOLED screens. These new devices designed particularly for advanced training come with some new features that make them quite attractive. For example, Garmin emphasizes that they are made to “train brilliantly,” according to its new features. These include triathlon and multisport profiles, training status, and the race widget.

Garmin Forerunner 965

The Forerunner 965 is the jewel in the crown, being a high-end model with 1.4-inch AMOLED screen with integrated full color maps. This watch weighs just 53 grams and comes with a battery for 31 hours of performance, which translates into 23 days in its smartwatch mode. Additionally, it arrives sporting a black titanium bezel with DLC which makes it nearly invulnerable to scratches and dings.

Garmin Forerunner 965

The high-end Forerunner 965 also boasts a silicone strap in various colors, these are yellow, black and white. Externally it presents itself with buttons on the sides and has a touch screen. As a complement this new device has Pulse Ox sensors and V02 monitoring.

Forerunner 265, Garmin also presents a basic and competitive model

Garmin also released the Forerunner 265 and 265S, with features similar to the higher-end design. However, as is to be expected, they also have marked differences. It is there when we see that the battery of the 265S lasts 24 hours if used in GPS mode and extends to 15 days if used as a smartwatch. In counterpart, the Forerunner 265 grants 20 hours in GPS and up to 13 in smartphone mode.

forerunner 265

Both the Forerunner 265S and 265 sport an AMOLED touch screen and like the 965, they come with a black bezel and incorporate pink and blue strap colors. What these models lack is built-in maps, and they also lack certain performance metrics, such as the one that monitors effort levels.

Availability and price

He Forerunner 965 It will be available at the end of March at €649.99. For its part, the Forerunner 265 and 265S are already available for the modest sum of 499.99 euros.

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