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GameSir T4 Pro, a full color multiplatform controller

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Do you like to play your favorite video games with a controller? If the answer is yes, stay to know the GameSir T4 Pro. This cross-platform control of GameSir It will allow you to play your favorite games on different platforms and with all the comfort that a remote control offers you.

What is the GameSir T4 Pro?

We all know that, for example, playing on mobile is quite uncomfortable. For this reason, to make life easier and to improve the experience of the increasingly evolved smartphone games much more, there are controls such as the GameSir T4 Pro.

However, not only with smartphones can we feel uncomfortable when playing games, it can also happen that We do not like to play with the keyboard on PC, we do not feel comfortable or, sometimes, we simply do not feel like it. In that case, this control will also help us.

In fact, there are many who choose to have one of these controls always at hand to play with different platforms. At the end of the day, the important thing is to feel comfortable to be able to do our best and to fully enjoy the game.

In the case of the control that we are going to talk about next, it can be used on different platforms, in addition to having a Transparent design makes your LED light look great which gives it a very distinctive gaming appearance. If you’re curious to see what you can do with this cross-platform controller, don’t stop reading!

Play where you want

The GameSir T4 Pro is, as we have already announced, a control that will allow you to play on different platforms like Android or iOS smartphones, Smart tv like Android TV, PC, Mac or Nintendo Switch. Thanks to its latest updates, its chip is capable of perfectly synchronizing this control with different platforms, so that nothing stops you.

In fact, this remote has great compatibility beyond these platforms, since it also you can use it with Apple Arcade and MFi games. In this way, you can use it in different ways, adapting it to whatever you want to play at any given time and without restrictions.

For this reason, it can be said that this control comes with a universal compatibility, Since it includes, as we will see later, a support for phones, but it also allows you to play PCs with different OS installed, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, apart from the aforementioned Apple Arcade games, MFi and Switch games. Of course, you have to bear in mind that with PC it does not support Bluetooth connection.

At another point, its appearance is completely gaming, since its cover is semi-transparent and It is backlit by RGB light. In this way, you can see its internal components, while enjoying an eunbeatable aesthetics with colors on the ABXY buttons and the right joystick, that glow even in the dark. Thus, you will never leave those who see you play indifferent.

Another feature that this multiplatform control brings is that it has a asymmetric vibrating motor with up to 5 speed levels to provide a vibration that helps you immerse yourself in games. This way, you won’t have to give up on the realistic experience that other controllers offer you and, best of all, you can even configure its M1-M4 buttons to assign complex macros in the game.

The connections offered by this command are summarized in 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wired, With a connectivity range of 10 meters, it covers an important space that will allow you to play in your room or in the living room without the need for cables and, with them, the clutter they usually generate. All you have to do is connect to your favorite device and play!

What its battery is rechargeable and type C, It loads faster and with less latency, apart from its high capacity, so you won’t have to worry about the controller stopping working at a crucial moment in the game.

GameSir T4 Pro

Play comfortably even with your mobile

As we have already explained, the GameSir T4 Pro can be connected to your smartphone and, for this, it comes with a movable stand that can be disassembled. With this support it will be very comfortable for you to play with your mobile and wherever you want.

It also comes with linear back buttons to help you perform better at different stages. These buttons work like an accelerator, since it depends on what you press so that the speed is higher or lower within the game and, in this way, you can precisely control your movements, and the strength and speed of your attacks.

GameSir T4 Pro

In summary

In short, we are facing a very interesting control which stands out for being multiplatform and, therefore, being compatible with Android smartphones, iOS, Smart TVs with Android system, PC, Mac OS and even Nintendo Switch.

Among some of its features we will find three different connections that correspond to wired, 2.4 Ghz USB and Bluetooth, apart from the fact that it has a rechargeable battery 600 mAh and type C, which provides an even faster charge.

All this with a sensitive D-Pad that comes with Turbo function and a design that is not only ergonomic due to its non-slip texture, but also liked for its completely gaming appearance thanks to its RGB backlit buttons.

GameSir T4 Pro

GameSir T4 Pro Features

GameSir T4 Pro
Brand name: GameSir
Compatible brand / model: Nintendo
Certification: EC
Certification: FCC
Certification: RoHS
Origin: CN (Origin)
Package: Yes
Guy: Gamepads
Model number: T4 Pro
Interface type: bluetooth
Connection: Wireless / Wired
Wireless technology: Bluetooth / 2.4GHz Wireless
Supported platforms: Nintendo Switch / Android / iOS / PC
Battery capacity built-in 600mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
Connectivity Type-C
Vibration motor: Yes

Opinions from the GameSir T4 Pro

This remote has a very good value for money. Show off a very striking gaming aesthetic, In addition, it is very comfortable to use due to the extra phone holder that it brings with it. It also works for different platforms, so it can be used a lot.

Its negative points are in its instructions, which they are not very intuitive, and what do you have some macro buttons in an area that can be inadvertently pressed.

GameSir T4 Pro

Availability and price

And if you want to see another remote control with a more classic aesthetic, here we leave you the GameSir G3.

  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Very striking gaming aesthetic.
  • Very comfortable to use.
  • Multi platform.

  • Unintuitive instructions.
  • The location of some of your macro buttons.

Total score