Fufuly, this is the pillow that wants to eliminate your anxiety

fufuly almohada estres.jpg
fufuly almohada estres.jpg

Do you suffer from anxiety? Maybe you feel stressed at certain periods? If you need something to relax you and help you feel better, fufuly wants to be the answer. Presented in the CES 2023 which was held in Las Vegas just a couple of weeks ago, this cushion It comes with the intention of helping you reduce anxiety or stress, among others.

What is Fufuly and how does it work?

Fufuly is a smart pillow whose goal is help you reduce anxiety attacks when you are at your peak, but also to end stress or any other state of nervousness. This is achieved thanks to a rhythmic tap functionwhich collaborates with users through breathing patterns. In this way, he seeks his calm through respiratory training.


The pillow has cloud shape and its use is very simple. When you notice that you are going through a moment of anxiety, all you have to do is place the cushion on your abdomen, close to your chest, and follow the breathing instructions that it will give you. Its manufacturer claims that can reduce an anxiety attack in just five minutes. One of the advantages of this device is that we will not need to link it to any appso we won’t have to waste time with pairings with the mobile and we won’t have to fear for the treatment it makes of our data.

For its development, the manufacturer, yukaihas had the help of the University of Tokyowho have drawn on their research to materialize this product.

Availability and price

For now, The date on which this pillow cushion will be available is not known, nor is the price that we will have to pay for it.. It is expected that it will arrive this year 2023 and that its sales will begin in Japan, but there is no more information about it.

Via | PR Times