FOREO UFO 2: how it works, my experience and best offers

Foreo Ufo 2 5.jpg
Foreo Ufo 2 5.jpg

Technology is not just computers, televisions or smartphones. Its advantages can be applied to almost any part of our life and a clear example of this can be found in this product that I have been testing for two weeks and which I really wanted to sink my teeth into, surely like you. He FOREO UFO 2 is a totally different facial cleanser than anything you’ve tried so far. With swedish technology and many advantages for performing aesthetic treatments at home, I will tell you in this analysis what are the technologies it includes, what advantages does it have and what disadvantages does it present, my experience with it and the best offers that I have found so that you can also have it at home. Do you dare to continue reading? Get comfortable and let’s get started.

FOREO UFO 2 unboxing

Let’s not fool ourselves. A beauty product of this type has to enter through the eyes. FOREO It does this thanks to a transparent box in which the FOREO UFO 2 device can be seen in the foreground in the color of your choice. In my case, the Pearl Pink, a very pretty pastel pink.


In addition, the package includes a proprietary charging cable to guarantee the waterproof character of the device (a little fail, since if you lose it you will have to buy another one like it and the one from your smartphone is not worth it, that is universal for the rest of FOREO devices), a small manual, a support so you can place your device in the sink or on your shelf and a sample of the Make my day mask.

In addition, I also received a 2 ml serum sample and the brand also sent me a pack of 6 Call it a Night masks and another pack of 6 Acay Berry masks.

FOREO UFO 2 design

Simply gorgeous. The FOREO UFO 2 device falls in love at first sight, although I have to admit that it has a very feminine design. This is not at all negative, in fact, I already tell you, I am in love with its design, but the product is unisex and this can put men back a bit.

We have a device round that adapts perfectly to the shape of the hand so that applying the treatment is the most comfortable of the world. Here I find a small downside and that is there are areas of the face that can be difficult to reach, for example, just in the area of ​​the dark circles.


In the front part we have a really nice rough decoration in golden tones. The rest of the device is made of silicone in the chosen color. There are three varieties: pearl pink, a beautiful light pink which is the one I am using; mint, a mint green that I also love; and fuchsia, very pretty too, but for me it would be the third option. In the upper part The power button is located on the rear the area reserved for placing the mask, along with a plastic ring that allows it to remain fixed. In the bottom is the loading port, which is proprietary as I have indicated above.

Technologies of this facial cleanser

As you can see, aesthetically it is a device that enters through the eye and falls in love from the first moment. But behind every pretty face there has to be a reason and in this case the reasons to buy it are in the technologies they use. If you’ve read us on previous occasions, you already know that Gizlogic is not a beauty blog, so in this FOREO UFO 2 analysis we want to base our review on the technologies that we see in this facial cleanser.

  • T-Sonic pulsations: They are small vibrations that are perceived as touches on the skin, of different intensities. These sonic pulsations manage to produce a facial massage effect with which the muscles relax and the absorption of the natural ingredients of the mask that is being applied is favored.
  • 8 LED lights: The FOREO UFO 2 facial cleanser includes up to eight LED lights, with different benefits supported by chromotherapy:
    • Purple LED: decreases the appearance of fine lines and enhances luminosity
    • Blue LED: reduces the appearance of blemishes
    • White LED: enhances skin firmness and reduces puffiness
    • Cyan LED: calms and soothes stressed skin
    • Green LED: brightens dull skin and evens out the tone
    • Yellow LED: reduces the appearance of redness and provides a calming effect
    • Orange LED: revitalizes the skin for a glow natural
    • Red LED: enhances the generation of collagen for an anti-aging effect
  • Thermotherapy: This facial cleanser reaches 45ºC in a few seconds. The objective is to prepare the face for the absorption of active ingredients.
  • Cryotherapy: Thanks to the cold temperatures that can reach (5ºC) the skin is firmed, the pores are closed and the swelling of the skin is reduced.

How does it work? Apply the mask, app, device cleaning and battery

After reviewing the theoretical aspects of this facial cleanser, I’m going with what you really want to read: my experience using this product. I liked it? Worth? Would I recommend it?


The first thing you should know is how does it work. To apply the mask, the first thing you have to do is sign up for the FOREO app. You will only need a minute to register your device in it. This step is essential, since from here it will be from where you control your UFO 2. Here you can make it vibrate if you have lost it, start the treatment or personalize it.

For my daily treatment I need in total 3 minutes. The first step is to wash your face with soap and water. Once this is done, open the app, it will automatically recognize your FOREO device and scan the barcode of the mask you are going to use. The treatment will start automatically and lasts for 90 seconds. The app will take care of applying the necessary settings on the device, applying heat, cold, pulsations and the necessary LED lights to make it totally effective. When you’re done, you just have to remove the mask and clean the device.

Another option to use it is to put your own configuration. From the app you can choose if you want to use a specific LED light, cold, heat, pulsations … Do you dare? I have tried it (only selecting cold temperature and some light) and it is very tasty.


Is the FOREO UFO 2 cumbersome to clean? Not at all! As I said, throw away the mask, turn off the device and give it running water from the tap. A few seconds and you will have it as new. I leave it to dry in the sink, resting on the support that comes with the cleaner. And your facial routine is over! In 3 minutes you will give him a complete and very beneficial treatment. Speaking of cleaning, keep in mind that When you remove the mask, you smear your fingers a bit, so I recommend that you do it directly on the sink and not on other surfaces, such as the dresser or the bed, as you could stain.

As for the battery, each charge gives about 40 uses. I could not tell you how long it takes to charge, since I have not exhausted the battery with which it came in my time of use, but it is true that it lasts a long time. From the app you can control how much battery it has left, so that you are alert and charge it when it is running low.

Does it work? As I was telling you, my test has been two weeks and it is not enough time to notice a drastic change. Yes, I have noticed the skin somewhat more hydrated and above all more relaxed (especially with the Call it a night mask, which together with the warmth is a delight).

Variety of masks

FOREO has taken care to offer a great variety of masks, although you have to bear in mind that the difference between basic and special. The basic ones are Make my day (by day) and Call it a night (at night). As for the special ones, they have more specific treatments, for example, Glow Addict (to illuminate the skin), Youth junkie (to rejuvenate it, with collagen), H2Overdose (with an extra hydration), Matte maniac (for oily skin), Bulgarian Rose (with rose water), Manuka honey (with honey), Acay berry (with blueberries), Green tea (with green tea), Coconut oil (with coconut oil) …


Of course the variety is pretty good, but the price of the specials is somewhat high (19.99 euros the pack with 6 masks, while the “basic” cost 9.99 euros the pack of 6). I recommend that you compare well prices in various perfumeries and Amazon style stores since you can save a lot compared to the official price. Also, if you use them often (which, honestly, if you buy the device the key is to use it the more the better) I recommend you take advantage of the offers to buy several packs. For example, if you buy 12 packs on their official website of basic masks, you save 45% compared to the normal price.

Technical characteristics

Type Facial cleanser with Swedish technology
Colors Fuchsia, pearl pink, mint
Technologies included
  • 8 LED lights
  • T-Sonic pulsations
  • Cryotherapy (from 5ºC)
  • Thermotherapy (up to 45ºC)
Connectivity and ports
  • Bluetooth
  • Proprietary port
Battery (autonomy)
  • Up to 40 uses per charge
Box contents
  • 1 x FOREO UFO 2
  • 1 x Bracket
  • 1 x Proprietary Charging Cable
  • 1 x Mask
  • 1 x Serum
  • 1 x Manual

FOREO UFO 2 availability and price

On these lines I leave you some of the offers to buy the FOREO UFO 2 online. You can also buy it on its official website or in Sephora-type perfumeries.

After all the above, I recommend it? As always, I’ll tell you who I recommend it to and who I don’t. I recommend it to those who want to go one step further in personal care at home, that they love technology and that they love, like me, everything that can be controlled from the mobile. The device is a marvel of design and works very well, it is a pleasure to give yourself those three minutes of time and being something innovative, it helps to be much more constant. The technologies it incorporates makes its effectiveness greater than any other mask that we can buy and apply simply with our hands or with a cotton pad. In addition, the battery lasts very long and allows us to play with the combination of custom settings to create our own treatment. For those who like to take care of themselves and want a premium device, FOREO UFO 2 is an essential bet.

On the other hand, I do not recommend it to those who prioritize the budget. It is not cheap, but if you have become very infatuated you can always look at an inferior model, such as the UFO Mini, much cheaper and with a very similar usability. But keep in mind that the cost of the masks is not economical compared to other options found in perfumeries. Please keep that in mind if price may be an issue for you.

For all this, we awarded him the silver Gizaward.

Gizlogic Awards SILVER

  • Very nice design and very successful colors
  • New technologies incorporated
  • Treatments can be customized
  • Pairing with the smartphone via app
  • The device is very easy to clean
  • The battery more than a month using it every day
  • Includes a small base to place the device
  • Take care of the skin in just 90 seconds
  • Waterproof
  • Temperatures from 5ºC to 45ºC to favor the effectiveness of the treatments
  • Somewhat high price
  • Due to its round design, it is difficult to apply the mask in the area under the eye
  • The mask is a bit sticky when you remove it
  • Little variety of inexpensive masks; special varieties are somewhat expensive
  • The charging cable is proprietary
8 Total score