FLJ SK2, eScooter with 8000W power and 90KM / h speed

flj sk2 destacada.jpg
flj sk2 destacada.jpg

If you are looking for an electric Scooter that boasts some of the best performance, speed and autonomy on the market, you can stop looking, because you have already found it. With you the FLJ SK2, an Electric Scooter with a 8000W motor that provides a maximum speed of 90KM / h and a mileage of up to 130km on a single charge. As you will see, this is a high-end e-scooter, but with added benefits that you will surely appreciate, including portability and the option to add / remove the driver’s seat. As if that were not enough, it has hydraulic brakes and suspension for 13-inch tires.

On the other hand, the FLJ SK2 is from every point of view a product designed for the city, and if what your heart longs is a vehicle for mountaineering, perhaps we can recommend you to the Bezior X1000, an electric mountain bike with 1000W power and folding design.

FLJ SK2 Technical Specifications

Mark FLJ
Model SK2
Product size
  • 135 * 26.5 * 150cm (unfolded size)
  • 146 * 26.5 * 58cm (folded size)
Maximum speed 90km / h
Li-battery 45Ah 72V Battery
Light Front, rear and turn lights
maximum load About 180KG
Material Aluminium alloy
Tire 13 inch wheels (Vacuum tire)
Colour Black
Maximum running distance 90-130kms
Motor 8000W
Suspension Yes
Brake Hydraulic brake
Damping system Yes
Certificate CE, ROHS, FCC
Package content
  • Folding electric scooter
  • Charger
  • Handbook
  • Seat



A flashy and resistant Scooter

We are without a doubt, before a product that is not afraid to show itself and show off its qualities. In this sense, the FLJ SK2 is a robust vehicle, but that robustness is exactly what guarantees its durability and allows it to house all its characteristics. It exhibits a robust body, constructed of aluminum and paired with 13 inch road tires (11.5cm wide), so we already know what to expect from this electric scooter.

SK2 engine and performance

What if we were not expecting is the emphasis that this scooter makes on lighting, since it not only has 4 LED headlights at the frontbut also with brake and low beam lights and what appears to be RGB lighting for the pedal area, so not only the road safety section is well covered, but also the aesthetic factor (although the latter is subject to debate).

FLJ SK2 - Design

If we examine the handlebars, we will find a large LED display in the center, not to be confused with the optional smartphone holder. Be that as it may, from it we can view the current speed, the state of the load, the mileage and other data. In another vein, the handlebar also houses a throttle, brakes (right handlebar) and a starter key to prevent theft of the vehicle (left handlebar).

FLJ SK2 - Handlebar

An optional element that we cannot ignore is the seat, which can be attached to the pedal to enjoy seated trips.

Finally, it is clear that it is a bulky product, measuring 135 x 26.5 x 150cm and weighing 55kg, but it can be folded a little to occupy 146 x 26.5 x 58cm. Therefore, it will not be difficult to store the scooter in the trunk of the car or in the garage.

FLJ SK2 - Folded

8000W dual motor

One of the main attractions of the FLJ SK2 is its 8000W dual motor (one for each wheel), which provides a maximum speed of 90 to 100Km / h with a 60Kg driver on board. As if that were not enough, it supports a maximum gradient of 30 degrees when climbing.

As you will see, it is a very powerful electric scooter that can travel at the same speed as a car or motorcycle in the city, so it goes without saying that it is recommended to use it with caution and that it may have to be homologated / registered depending on the laws of your country. Here in Europe we know that DGT has standards Strict for any electric scooter that exceeds 25km / h, so you have to be careful if you want to drive it on European soil.


Returning to the main topic, the FLJ SK2 has the ability to withstand a 180 kg max load, so it is suitable for anyone who can drive it.

It should be noted that the front fork has suspensionThe same applies to the rear wheel, which contributes significantly to cushioning bumps and making rides smoother. We can also praise the fact that the Scooter employs hydraulic brakes instead of disc brakes, which brings many advantages in terms of efficiency.

In addition to the lack of smart functions and wireless connectivity, the only thing we can criticize the FLJ SK2 is that its construction is not completely waterproof, so if we want to protect our investment we better avoid puddles of water.


In its standard version, the FLJ SK2 is powered by a b35Ah Panasonic battery that promises a commendable autonomy of 90 to 100 kilometers, But if you want more, there is a version that is shipped with a 45Ah battery (also Panasonic) whose range amounts to 100-130km of travel. Obviously this factor will depend on the weight of the driver, the condition of the road and other external elements, so we should not take these figures as guarantees.

SK2 - Battery and autonomy

Charging takes 8-10 hoursBut luckily there are two charging ports that you can use at the same time. This should cut the charging time by about half. The downside is that you will also need two chargers.

Availability and price of the FLJ SK2

If the FLJ SK2 has caught your eye, let us inform you that it is available for purchase through the best online retailers. First of all, we will find it for sale at Gearbest.com, but we can also say the same about the Banggood store. Finally, there is davailable on AliExpress, which offers a support for phones and a backpack to accompany the Scooter as a promotion. As always, choose the option that suits you best or offers the best price.


  • Powerful 8000W motor
  • Optional seat
  • Long autonomy
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Maximum load of 180kg
  • Chunky wheels with damping
  • Lots of headlights for driving at night


  • Is expensive
  • It is not totally waterproof
  • It has no smart features or wireless connectivity



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