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FlashLED SOS V16 comes with free connectivity until 2038

As of January 1, 2026, light beacons will be mandatory to carry in the car. Thus, the classic triangle is replaced and without a doubt this new method is much safer both for the driver of the vehicle that is stationary and for the rest of the drivers on the road. Today we talk about the Flash LED SOS V16a beacon connected that comes with free connectivity from Telefónica until 2038.

Technical characteristics of the flashled SOS V16

FlashLED SOS V16 is approved by the DGT and can be connected to the platform DGT 3.0at no additional cost, thanks to the telephone connectivity. The best thing about this point is that users will not have to bear any expense, since this service will be offered free of charge until 2038.

this beacon emits a yellow lightwhich can be visible to at least One kilometer. You will not have to get out of the vehicle or remove your seat belt, so its use is very safe. In addition, it incorporates a system of geolocationwhich can be connected to DGT 3.0 if we have a breakdown or accident, so that our location is connected at all times.

And how does it hook up to the car? It comes with a magnetic base, which allows it to remain stable on flat surfaces, such as the roof of the car. And so that we do not have problems if it rains, it is windy or it is very cold or hot, it resists dust and water (IP54), air currents from 180pa and temperatures between -10ºC and 50ºC.

Flash LED SOS V16

Availability and price

If it catches your eye and you want to get hold of it, you can already buy it in your official online store for a price of €59.95. It is undoubtedly a very interesting beacon, which also will not have to worry about paying a monthly fee until the year 2038. Enough.

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