ENGWE T14, super portable e-bike with triple damping and good price

engwe t14 destacada.jpg
engwe t14 destacada.jpg

The engwe T14 It is an affordable e-bike with a relatively futuristic design that is combined with triple suspension, an extremely compact size and a 350W motor capable of providing a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour. It is for these and other reasons that it is emerging as an excellent option for sustainable urban mobility, and on this occasion we are going to explore its offer in depth. If you are interested in meeting her, you are more than welcome.

For those looking for a higher category option that is suitable for the mountains and rustic terrain, we can recommend taking a look at another model from this same manufacturer, the ENGWE EP-2 PRO 2022 Versionwhich is characterized by its 750W motor with a top speed of 45KM/h and 20-inch tires.

Features of ENGWE T14

Model T14 Mini
Guy Electric bicycle
Dimensions (folded / unfolded) 134 x 21 x 71CM / 70 x 47 x 60CM
Weight 31 kilograms
Available colours Dark gray
wheel size 14 inches
frame materials Aluminium alloy
Folding Yes
Break system Front and rear mechanical disc brake
Engine power 350W
Maximum speed 25km/h
battery capacity Li-ion battery 48V / 10Ah
Autonomy 35KM (electric mode); 80KM (assist mode)
Speed 7 speed
Supported load 100KG
Screen Yes
Lights Yes, front and rear LED
Package content 1 x Electric Bicycle, 1 x Charger, 1 x Tools, 1 x User Manual, Starter Key.

Compact and quality design

The ENGWE T14 is a mini-sized e-bike that rides on 14-inch tires and exhibits dimensions of 134 x 21 x 71cm. As you can see, this one has a very sophisticated design in its frame and has small details that we cannot ignore, including a rear seat, fenders and a removable battery positioned under the seat.

ENGWE T14 - Design

The fact that it is a folding bike is commendable, especially considering that it is already a fairly compact model. In any case, we can fold the frame and the handlebar to reduce its dimensions to 70 x 47 x 60CM temporarily, which is very convenient when storing or carrying it by hand. However, we must note that it is relatively heavy, we are talking about 31 kilograms, which is considerable for a bicycle of this size.

ENGWE T14 - Folded

In another vein, the ENGWE T14 e-bike boasts cushioning all around, including the saddle, which lends itself to making our trips more pleasant and smooth. Be that as it may, it is not an advertised model to cover all types of terrain, but it is good to know that it has something to defend itself with.

With that said, driving at night won’t be a problem thanks to the presence of a front led headlight high luminescence and a rear brake light.

ENGWE T14 - Construction

Going into details, there is a led screen with speedometer that indicates important data such as current speed, mileage and remaining battery charge. Additionally, there is a smartphone holder on the opposite handlebar.

Engine and features

The ENGWE T14 is powered by a 350W rear motor with 680W peak, which offers a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, which means that it complies with European regulations for this class of vehicles. As you can guess, this e-bike has a hand throttle and supports 3 driving modes: electric, manual and pedal assistance.

ENGWE T14 - Performance

According to the manufacturer, it is capable of carrying a maximum load of 100 kilograms and the maximum gradient is 10 degrees, so it is not very good at climbing slopes.

Changing the subject, the ENGWE T14 has something that few e-bikes in this price range can boast. In this sense, it has a triple damping system, That’s right, not only is the front fork damped, but there are also hydraulic shock absorbers at the rear and in the center of the frame, not to mention the spring-suspension saddle.

damping system

Thanks to this detail, the T14 is emerging as an extremely comfortable option that can mitigate (almost) all the potholes and irregularities that we find in the city.

Lastly, braking is left to mechanical disc brakes on both wheels and there’s a 7-speed transmission system.


Before concluding, it is worth mentioning that the bike is powered by a 48V / 10Ah battery that promises a tour of 35 kilometers in electric mode, not bad for the price. Naturally, we can extend that range by using the pedal assist mode. Thanks to the latter range increases to 80 kilometers travel in the best of cases.

As we mentioned before, it is a removable battery, which makes the process of recharging it much easier, since it will not be necessary to bring the e-bike near a power outlet. With that said, the charging process takes quite a while to complete, We are talking about 6 or 8 hours, so it is better to take precautions if we plan to use it constantly to move around.


It is worth mentioning that this bike cannot start the electric motor nor does it allow the battery to be removed if we do not have the corresponding ignition key, which adds an additional layer of security.

Availability and price of the ENGWE T14

In general, the ENGWE T14 is an excellent proposal for urban mobility in its respective range, which offers a good degree of comfort thanks to its triple damping system and innovative design. The only thing that doesn’t convince you is the long recharge time required by the battery, but beyond that there is not much that we can criticize in an affordable e-bike like this.

With that in mind, the ENGWE T14 is available for your purchase through Geekbuying with shipping from Europe. Similarly, we get for sale on AliExpress for a similar price. As always, we recommend checking both offers before making a decision.

  • Very compact and portable
  • triple damping
  • Good price
  • decent autonomy

  • Low torque
  • long recharge time

Total score