Dreame T30 Mistral, this is the vacuum brush of the future

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dreame t30 mistral el cepillo aspirador del futuro.jpg

The Dreame T30 Mistral It is a vacuum brush that includes space technologies to thoroughly clean your home, it is basically the same Dreame T30 that we analyzed in a past opportunity, but with some slight improvements and officially launched for the European market, so it has a personalized customer support service and a 2-year warranty.

That said, this is a versatile vacuum cleaner that stands out for how light it is and its Space 5.0 digital motor, which boasts a power of 550W and 150.00RPM, which allows it to reach a suction power of 27,000 pascals. In this sense, it is much more powerful and effective than any robotic vacuum cleaner, so it is worth considering if you are a thorough person who prefers to take cleaning in your own hands.

Technical characteristics of the Dreame T30 Mistral vacuum cleaner

Mark Dreame Tech
Model HT30 Mistral
Vacuum cleaner type Cyclonic
Cleaning modes 4 (Eco, Medium, Max, Auto)
Power 550W / 150,000RPM
Suction / Pressure 190 AW / 27 kPa
Battery / Autonomy 2,900 mAh removable / Up to 90 minutes in Eco mode
Loading time 2.5 hours (fast charge)
Filters 5-level system with HEPA filter
Carpets and pets Yes
Tank capacity 600 ml
Filter Washable HEPA filter
Body weight 1.76 kg

This is the Dreame T30 Mistral

The Dreame T30 Mistral is built like any other brush vacuum we’ve seen on the market today, but with elegant silver color that adds a premium touch to the matter. Like all the models in its series, it has an actuation trigger with a locking function so that it does not have to be held down all the time.

As can be seen, in the handle we get a convenient color LCD screen, which shows the remaining battery time as a percentage, the power mode is using the vacuum and also allows you to change the suction mode. As if that were not enough, it can alert the user if it detects a fault or if it is necessary to change the filter.

Additionally, this powerful broom vacuum cleaner is perfectly designed to be hygienic, there is no need to come into contact with the vacuumed debris. Pressing the latch opens the collector hatch to discharge all its contents into the garbage can.

A tool for every occasion

The Dreame T30 Mistral It is accompanied by several brushes and mouths, which we can attach to the vacuum cleaner based on our cleaning needs, which shows the degree of flexibility that this device offers. In this sense, the following accessories are included with the purchase:

  • Multifunction brush suitable for all types of floors.
  • Suction tube.
  • Mini turbo brush.
  • 2-in-1 special furniture accessory consisting of a corner tool and a brush.
  • Flexible hose that can be extended to reach areas that are too far away.
  • Flexible adapter for furniture, the latter must be connected on one side to the tube and on the other side to the engine block.
  • Long nozzle that incorporates an LED light, which is ideal for use in dark and narrow spaces.
  • Wall charging base, supplied with screws and plugs for installation.

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Great cleaning power at your fingertips

The main selling point of the Dreame T30 Mistral vacuum cleaner is its 550W SPACE 5.0 motor patented, which offers a power of 150,000RPM. This translates into a suction pressure of 27,000Pa capable of sucking up debris and dirt on all types of floors. Thanks to this power, the vacuum cleaner has the tools to clean hard floors such as tiles and soft surfaces alike.

Going into details, there is 4 operating modes: Eco, Medium, Turbo and Automatic. The first two are relatively quiet and work great for daily cleaning, while Turbo mode takes things to the next level and puts the engine into overdrive. The latter is great for cleaning mattresses, sofas, rugs, and stubborn dirt, but will obviously drain your battery in no time. Finally, the automatic mode offers a balanced level of work, which increases the suction power automatically if it detects a carpet or a lot of concentrated dirt.

Dreame T30 Mistral - Cleaning

One element that we cannot ignore is your V-shaped brush, which prevents tangling with pet hair during cleaning.

Lower-end vacuums often overlook the filtration system, but the Dreame T30 Mistral is a no-nonsense vacuum. In fact, the presence of 5 HEPA filters and 12 cyclones makes the system almost foolproof. It is much more efficient than the Dreame V9 Pro which already had an excellent filtration system.

Dreame T30 Mistral filters are washable

Dreame T30 Mistral filters are washable

All dirt, debris and even pollen is captured and retained in the filter before being released to the collector. According to official data, its efficiency is estimated at 99.7%, which is saying a lot.


The Dreame T30 Mistral is powered by a 2,900mAh removable battery that promises up to 90 minutes of autonomy. However, that figure is considered using the eco mode, which offers the lowest suction power of all. At the end of the day, the actual duration is 30 to 35 minutes in standard mode, while in Turbo mode we will hopefully reach 7.5 minutes in duration. While we can forgive the short battery life when using turbo mode, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that it takes 4 hours to recharge to 100%.

Also related to autonomy is the dirt collector, which has a 0.6L capacity, enough for a full cleaning cycle in a large apartment; so there should be no need to empty it mid-clean.

Availability and price of the Dreame T30 Mistral

The Dreame T30 Mistral is available for purchase via Amazon.com, where it enjoys a good price and excellent customer ratings.

  • Powerful suction on all types of floors
  • Many versatile accessories
  • Advanced materials for engine durability
  • Effective for dealing with animal hair
  • Touch screen for ease of use

  • It doesn’t stand alone
  • Very noisy in Turbo mode
  • Recharging takes 4 hours

Total score