Dreame L10S Pro, a robot that sweeps the floor with the competition

dreame l10s pro destacada.jpg
dreame l10s pro destacada.jpg

He dreame L10S Pro it is a simplified version of the current flagship of this home automation brand, the Dreame Bot L10s Ultra, and we must say that it is an excellent option in its respective range, in fact, its cleaning performance puts it above plenty of affordable robot vacuums, so we can’t ignore it.

In a nutshell, the Dreame L10S Pro is a robot cleaner that boasts a suction power of 5300Pa coupled with an efficient laser navigation system with an AI front camera, not to mention that it can be easily controlled from the DreameHome or Xiaomi Home app. If you prefer the full version of the facts, welcome to our review.

Technical specifications of the Dreame L10S Pro

Dreame L10S Pro
product dimensions 350×350×97mm
Battery 5,200mAh
Loading time about 6 hours
rated power 60W
operating frequency 2400–2483.5 MHz
maximum output power <20dBm
Dust container volume 450ml
Volume of the water tank 190ml
functions Vacuuming, vacuum sweeping, mopping, automatic mapping, cleaning schedule.
Package content Robot vacuum cleaner, main brush, dust container, mop pads, power cord, cleaning tool, mop pad holders, side brush, water tank, charging base, user manual.
manufacturer site dreametech.com


With a diameter of 35 cm, a height of 9.7 cm and a weight of 4.2 kg, the Dreame L10S Pro stands at the center of the field of robot vacuum cleaners. When we examine it carefully, we will notice its LiDAR sensor on top and 3 direct control buttons. Also, there is a sensor system at the front to detect objects on the floor. It’s not an AI camera like the one seen on the Ultra model, but it helps with navigation nonetheless.

Dreame L10S Pro

Also, the dust bin and the water tank are located under the top cover. These are conveniently attached to the body with magnets. Both the dust container and the filtration system can be washed with water, which is an advantage. The container has a capacity for 450ml of dry waste, while the water tank houses about 190ml.

Looking below we will find fall sensors, a side brush, the respective central turbo silicone brush and, even more interesting, two mopping pads.

Dreame L10S Pro - Design

Otherwise it looks like any other robot vacuum we have seen in recent years.


The Dreame L10S Pro uses a combination of laser technology and optical obstacle detection to navigate the home or office. Going into details, LiDAR sensors located on top of the robot are used. These sensors perform effective tracking day and night, as they use their lasers to ensure the orientation of the vacuum cleaner.

To make sure you don’t trip over wires, legos, or other knick-knacks while walking around the house, has in its arsenal a 3D camera with laser technology on the front, which is used for obstacle detection. In practice, at least the laser navigation works perfectly, deftly dodging obstacles without leaving too much distance between them, resulting in minimal uncleaned surfaces.


However, the smallest objects if it is carried forward, because it probably detects them as dirty; but we cannot lower the score for this detail considering that there is no robot vacuum cleaner of any brand that has solved this problem perfectly.

Cleaning and functions

with a commendable suction power up to 5300 pascals, the Dreame L10S Pro can effectively clean hardwood, tile and carpet floors with pet hair, dust and other dirt. In its wake, it hardly leaves any space uncovered, only in the most remote corners and corners can there be any room for improvement (2 to 3cm). Perhaps a second side brush or a larger design than the existing one would help to solve this detail, but it is up to the manufacturer to take notes on it for the next version.

Dreame L10S Pro - Suction power

At the time of mopping the round spin mops do a decent job of scrubbing the floor. However, it is our duty to warn that, in the presence of a lot of dirt, they do not absorb it completely, but leave circular spots in their wake, and this is very counterproductive if we leave the robot unattended. Since this model does not have a self-cleaning station to rinse the mops, this outcome is inevitable; so it’s best to make sure it’s properly vacuumed before it goes into this mode.

Fortunately, we can say that vacuuming and dust collection is very good and that is something that also applies when cleaning carpets. However, it is clear that his results are not perfect in this area, but that was to be expected from a silicone brush.

Dreame L10S Pro - Features

Speaking of carpet cleaning, here are two options to choose from. The first is the automatic lifting of the pads when reaching the carpets, which will allow the robot to simultaneously vacuum and mop the floor, leaving the carpets dry and clean. The second option is to activate the automatic carpet avoidance function in wet cleaning mode.

Connectivity and application

We can use both the Dreame app and Xiaomi Home to control the Dreame L10S Pro from the comfort of our mobile, be it iPhone or Android. From its main interface we can access all its cleaning modes and activate it on demand. As the robot navigates the house, it creates a room map, which is divided into rooms. Through the map we can establish prohibited areas, virtual walls and no mopping areas.


Naturally, from this app we can schedule cleaning tasks, configure the emptying of the dust containercheck the cleaning history, control the robot manually and much more.

Availability and price of the Dreame L10S Pro

Those interested in this efficient robot vacuum cleaner can purchase it through the popular Amazon.co.uk storebut it can also be found available in PC Components for a competitive price. In addition, Carrefour is another alternative feasible to consider. As always, we encourage you to consider all options before making a decision.

On the other hand, if you prefer to do the cleaning yourself or want to cover those places that the L10S cannot reach, perhaps we can interest you in the Dreame V12 Mistrala handheld vacuum cleaner for the modern user.


  • It is quite powerful and effective
  • Reasonable price
  • The application is quite complete
  • good autonomy


  • The mops do not reach the corners
  • Not compatible with the self-cleaning station
  • The rubber roller loses effectiveness on rustic floors

Total score