Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer? Tips to take care of your health

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Living in the digital age and the latest historical events, has led a large part of humanity to spend most of their time surrounded by technology and, more importantly, using it. Just as humanity got used to farming instead of hunting, it also got used to spending hours in a chair in front of a screen doing different activities. So that this does not become a problem, this article provides tips for taking care of your health while still using technology.

Have the right furniture

Whether you work remotely, in an office or dedicate hours of your life to a hobby using technology at home, having the right furniture can mean that all the time you are sitting in front of a screen does not cause damage to your health.

In fact, just as companies have talked about a good work environment for years, now they are also talking about good occupational health or occupational health and safety. This is not an isolated event since these movements or measures contemplate, precisely, that the conditions in which you work are the best so that your physical integrity is not affected by the work you do. This is why having an excellent office furniture It has become key for all companies that seek to provide quality work to their workers.

There are also independent workers, who join the search for tools that allow them to take care of their physical integrity while working from home. Whether you are an employer or if you work independently, the following sections will be of interest to you, because they tell you what office furniture must have to be ideal.

Let’s talk ergonomics

Surely you have heard of “ergonomic chairs”. These became a novel tool when talking about furniture for the home or office. These chairs have this name because there is a whole set of techniques, methods and tools that are used when looking for the best posture to work. At work, then, people talk about having an ergonomic posture that enables the body to be as comfortable as possible to endure long working hours without affecting their health.

More than a trend, ergonomic chairs are the best option when looking for office chairs fit to work without affecting body health. Poor positioning for several hours can tire muscles sooner than normal and even cause injury over time. A clear example of this type of chair can be seen in gaming chairs, ideal for maintaining a comfortable and correct posture for the back, neck, arms and feet.

If to these chairs you add a desk whose structure allows you to adjust its height, you will have the first two and most important tools to take care of your physical health while you work. These types of desks allow you to work standing for intervals of time and thus minimize the hours you spend sitting, which also prevents certain diseases. Likewise, it is important to keep in mind the height of the computer, the distance between the screen and the eyes and even the type of mouse and keyboard. All this forms the ideal furniture to work.

What should be avoided?

As already mentioned, sitting for a long time can cause health problems. These can affect both the metabolic system and the nervous and joint systems. Therefore, whatever type of furniture you have to work with, even if it is ergonomic furniture, the first thing you should avoid is sitting for a long time. Doctors recommend that for every 30 minutes you sit, you should stand up for at least 2 minutes.

Another important aspect is the posture. You can have bad posture even when you have an ergonomic chair or while standing. This should also be avoided. The recommended posture is:

  • Sit with your back straight, this also favors the posture of the neck.
  • The arms should be supported and form a 90° angle (right angle).
  • Feet should be flat on the ground, so you should avoid crossing your legs.

Technologies and active pause

Many people find active breaks at work a bit boring. However, making use of the same technologies that are used in the work environment can make the active break the best moment of relaxation while working.

In some companies they have a video game room where they put coordination, memory or stretching into practice. However, you do not need to have a video game room if you have a computer at hand.