Details of the new Mac Studio and Studio Display

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Manzana had a great week with him announcement of various new generation devicessuch is the case of the iPad Air 2022 tablet or its line of desktop computers with Macstudio. As if that were not enough, also an “intelligent” monitor called Studio display arrives to complete the experience of professional creators this season.

Apple Mac Studio is the new computer that optimizes its power compared to previous generations from the use of the M1 Max chip and the new M1 Ultra, the best processor ever created for personal use, while your monitor with 5K screen makes it possible to view any type of multimedia content in dimensions of 27 inches. Below we review its main specifications:

Apple Mac Studio Features

At the design level, this model has some official dimensions of 19.6 x 19.6 cm x 9.4 cm in a single piece of extruded aluminum that includes an innovative thermal system inside It makes use of multiple two-way fans, airflow channels at key positions, and more than 4,000 perforations on the back and bottom of the case to provide sufficient airflow for internal components.

In performance, Mac Studio features the M1 Ultra system incorporating the new UltraFusion architecture to connect two M1 Max chips and thus achieve spectacular results that allow up to 3.8 times faster speed at the processor level compared to a 10-core processor or up to 80% more power than the previous Mac Pro with 16-core Xeon processor.

Likewise, the computer has a unified memory of 64 GB in the versions with the M1 Max chip and up to 128 GB in the best version with M1 Ultra, while its storage space reaches 8 TB with a speed of up to 7.4 GB/ s in an SSD format.

Finally, existing connections include four Thunderbolt 4 ports for connecting monitors and high-performance devicesa 10 Gb Ethernet port, two USB-A ports, an HDMI video output, and a professional audio jack for high-impedance headphones or external amplified speakers.

Apple Studio Display Features

Studio Display

Studio Display supports video calls without the need for external accessories

To live up to what such equipment can achieve, the monitor Studio Display features a 27-inch Retina panel and native 5K resolution. There is also no lack of brightness levels of up to 600 nits, a wide color gamut (P3) and more than 1 billion colors.

Nor is it forgotten True Tone technology that automatically adjusts the display’s color temperature when room conditions change, while your anti-reflective capability minimizes reflections in light environments to facilitate sharpness in reading and other activities.

The monitor comes from the factory with the A13 Bionic chip and an integrated 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera with support for centered framing function when making video calls. It also does not forget about three integrated microphones with support for cancellation of background noise, six speakers for immersive audio playback and available physical connections including three USB-C ports with speeds of up to 10 Gb/s or a Thunderbolt port to sync to your computer or simply provide charging power (96W) to a laptop.

The new Mac Studio and Studio Display can now be reserved on the brand’s official site and receive them from March 18. The computer has a price that starts from 2329 euroswhile the monitor stays at 1779 euros.

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