Denver SCK-5400, the ideal scooter for the little ones

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denver sck 5400.jpg

The purchase of electric vehicles It can be a great alternative for the little ones in the home, although logically its reduced dimensions require care when choosing the ideal model. Luckily there are manufacturers that have a catalog of electric scooters specifically for children Y denver SCK-5400 It is one of them.

Denver SCK-5400 is an entry-level electric scooter which is aimed at use in children thanks to a much more compact size than is customary in the market. Its simplified operation helps maintain better control of movement, while other elements such as side lighting, folding capacity and battery with a range of up to 6 kilometers.

Denver SCK-5400 Features

Denver SCK-5400
Color black, pink
Guy Electric scooter
Dimensions 727mm x 358mm x 870mm
package weight 5.95 kilograms
frame materials plastic + aluminum
Folding Yes
Lights yes, side
Led screen Nope
Break system Brake button on the rear wheel
Engine power 80W
Maximum speed
climbing ability 5 degrees
battery capacity Li-ion battery 2000mAh
Loading time Approx. 2 hours
Autonomy up to 6km
Supported load 50kg
Package content 1 x Scooter
1x charger
1x remote control
1 x English Manual

A simplified model

Denver SCK-5400

Denver SCK-5400 has a colorful version for girls

With the idea that the price is kept contained, there is not much to highlight in the general concept of this vehicle. Its marketing includes pink for the female public as well as completely in black for children, while its combined plastic and aluminum materials support people with a maximum weight of 50 kilograms.

Denver SCK-5400 has official dimensions of 727 mm x 358 mm x 870 mm and a support to fold its front area completely and thus save even more space when storing it at home or carrying it in the trunk of the car. Unlike what was seen in the previous generation, Denver SCK-5300, this time also A lighting system has been added to the side frame of the model.

short distance movement

Denver SCK-5400

Denver SCK-5400 simplifies your specifications

It is logical that children are not allowed to go too far aboard their scooters, so the brand has considered that it is enough to use a 80W auxiliary motor that is accompanied by a 2000 mAh capacity rechargeable battery to travel over 6 kilometers before needing a new charge (standby time of approximately two hours).

It is worth noting that the Denver SCK-5400 It has a system of movement by assistance, that is to say that to activate the electrical energy you must first start moving in a conventional way and then press with your foot the central button present on its base. Also above the rear wheel is the brake function.

In conclusion, although the performance is well below what is normally seen in adult scooters, the affordable price and the lower demands of the smallest place the 5400 model in an acceptable position.

Availability and price of Denver SCK-5400

For buy Denver SCK-5400 can be done from Pccomponents in pink color and shipments throughout the Spanish territory.

  • Compact and foldable design
  • Incorporates lighting on its side
  • Easy to handle for the little ones
  • Accesible price
  • Low battery life
  • Does not offer automatic electric start