DAJA Mr Carve M2 Handheld Fiber Optic Marking Machine

daja mr carve m2 maquina de marcado de fibra optica con uso de mano.jpg
daja mr carve m2 maquina de marcado de fibra optica con uso de mano.jpg

The DAJA Mr carve M2 is an ideal fiber optic marking machine for engraving on metallic and plastic materials, which iterates on the foundations of the DAJA M1, adding the ability to use it as a handheld laser engraver. In this sense, it shares many similarities with that model to consider it a successor, it is more of a Pro version if you will, but it is still worthy of our attention, and if you are interested in knowing it in great detail, you have come to the right place. .

Technical specifications of the DAJA Mr Carve M2

Brand DAJA
Model M2
Guy fiber marking machine
laser power 10W
laser wavelength 1064nm
Entry 100-240V, 50/60Hz
full power Max 300W
marking speed 10000mm/s
marking accuracy max. 0.001mm
marking format 70x70mm
Engraving Line Width Accuracy 0.001-0.05mm
product weight 4.3KG
Size 280x200x295mm
Package content DAJA Mr Carve M2 Fiber Marking Machine, Protective Goggles, Rubber Ruler, Locator, Hex Keys (3), Pen Drive, Fixed Focus Test Piece, Focus Film, USB Data Cable, Power Cord, Dust Cover manual focus.
Manufacturer’s official site mr-carve.com

A laser engraver with handheld mode

Like the Daja M1, the M2 has an industrial look and features a metal body that contributes to the structural integrity of the machine. The laser module rests on an arm or Y axis that in turn rests on a support plate or X axis, which in this case is free of buttons and has a removable aluminum plate with an open design that allows carving on large objects. that we normally could not place on the recording surface.

DAJA Mr Carve M2 - Design

The DAJA Mr Carve M2 has dimensions of size of 280x200x295mm and weighs only 4.3 kilograms, making it lighter and smaller than its predecessor, which in turn means that it is one of the most compact fiber optic marking machines on the market. Remember that these types of instruments are usually the size of a large photocopier and moving them from one place to another is usually a heavy task.

With that said, the Daja M2 improves on the original offering with a feature that opens up a whole realm of possibilities. In this sense, we can detach the laser module from the frame for use as a handheld device, which allows us to engrave on buildings and surfaces in which we could not work with a traditional marking machine. The laser housing even has a hand grip for user convenience and a manual focus cover is included in the package to help us use it in this mode.

DAJA Mr Carve M2 - Handheld Mode

It is worth mentioning that this open design means that the base says goodbye to the buttons to raise and lower the laser, now that task is left to an elevation knob located on the top of the Y-axis.

Laser engraving

The same as the original model, The DAJA Mr Carve M2 has a dual infrared pulse laser with a wavelength of 1.064nm and a power of 2W., which is not limited by the volume and shape of objects. In addition, it offers an engraving area of ​​70 x 70mm, small we know, but enough for the average user.

Going into details, the type of technology used by the laser guarantees a industrial quality marking on all types of metal and plastic materials, as well as in painting materials (metal, wood, plastic, paper, glass, leather, etc.). Similarly, you can carve on acrylic and transparent materials, all without the need to paint them first.

DAJA Mr Carve M2

Therefore, it is ideal for engraving on household appliances, electronic components, hardware accessories, tools, jewelry, mobile device cases and much more. As if that were not enough, the laser is commendably fast, we are talking about an engraving speed of up to 10,000 millimeters per second.

Its precision and marking capacity are sufficient to make photographic engravings and illustrations on metalwhich speaks volumes for the quality this laser engraver can provide.

DAJA Mr Carve M2 - Engraving Materials

However, there is an important and inherent limitation to the type of laser technology you use. It is ineffective when engraving on wood, leather and paper. Therefore, it is a machine with a specific type of use and audience.

Needless to say, there are better options on the market and for a much more affordable price for those who want to get started in this hobby and work with all kinds of materials, but none of those entry-level options offer the industrial level quality of the DAJA Mr Carve. M2 when engraving on metals and plastics.

Connectivity and software

There is not much to say in this section unfortunately. The only method of connectivity is USB, either for the computer or a pendrive. To control it we have Daja Laser app, but many users report problems with it, from difficulties establishing a connection to a poorly translated interface, not to mention that it is not available in Spanish. The only saving grace is that it provides many settings and options to achieve an engraving that lives up to our expectations, although it does require trial and error.

Software and connectivity

Availability and price of the DAJA Mr Carve M2

With all that said, the DAJA Mr Carve M2 is a totally recommendable machine for engraving on metal and plastic materials, which will come in handy for those who appreciate the portable factor of its bet. However, due to the nature of its laser, it is useless for those working with wood, which makes it totally clear who is right for this machine and who is not.

Currently the best option for buy the DAJA Mr Carve M2 is Geekbuying.com, that tends it available with shipping from Europe.

  • Precise and quality engraving on metals
  • fast
  • Rugged and compact design
  • handheld laser mode

  • Not suitable for engraving on wood or leather
  • The app leaves a lot to be desired

Total score