Creality CV-30, a laser engraver that inspires confidence

creality cv 30 destacada.jpg
creality cv 30 destacada.jpg

creality is a company that perhaps doesn’t deserve an introduction to tinkerers and DIYers. You have probably heard of this company thanks to its affordable 3D printers, where the popular Ender 3 series and the new Ender 3 series stand out. Creality CR-6 SE. The truth of the matter is that the brand now also doubles as a manufacturer of laser engraving and cutting machines. To show a button, this year 2022 introduced to the market the Creality CV-30 also known as the CR-Laser Falcon, an affordable and highly capable model that comes equipped with a 5W or 10W laser module.

With that said, for this analysis we will take as a reference the model with a 10W laser, which stands up for the series, but know that the 5W variant is equally respectable and easier to recommend for those who are just starting out. the hobby

Technical specifications of the CR-Laser Falcon

Brand creality
Guy laser engraver
Color Gray
machine size 568 x 632 x 198mm
product weight 3.3KG
engraving size 400*415mm
engraving materials Cardboard, wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, fabric, acrylic and metals
diode laser power 5.5-10W
laser wavelength 455±5nm
engraving precision 254dpi
engraving speed 10000mm/min
focus method fixed focus laser + slider
laser protective cover Yes
operating software LaserGRBL, LightBurn, CrealityLaser
connectivity USB,TF card
Laser Computer Control Assembly, 10W Solid State Laser Module, XY Gantry (Assembly Required), Mounting Screws and Hardware, Gantry Support Legs, Power Supply, Power Cord, Basswood Plywood Sample Material (2), Wrench, T-Nuts with grub screws to secure the X-axis straps, Allen Wrench, 8GB TF Card with USB Card Reader, Goggles, Spare Activated Carbon Filters (2), Cloth, user manual.



Creality CV-30 Design

The Creality CV-30 consists of a aluminum frame and a portico in the X axis with a silver finish and feet with an almost Art Deco design. It looks elegant compared to the more common laser machines; but it is true that there is one or another visible cable, although that is unavoidable in an open frame machine like this.

With that said, a point level is built into the inspires-confidence/">frame to ensure the laser lays flat on the table. The stepper motors are located on top of the X-axis, leaving plenty of room between the legs for mounting long pieces of material.

Creality CV-30 - Design

The laser module is adjusted by thumbscrews to slide up and down on a bracket, allowing us to work on various material thicknesses.

In another order of ideas, since the arrival of affordable recorders, we have seen how more and more models have the luxury of including a screen. Unfortunately this is not the case with the CR-Laser Falcon, which only has one button on the control unit to operate directly from a Micro-SD card, which is not very convenient to say.

The CR-Laser Falcon does not have a screen

Changing the subject again, security is an aspect that we should not overlook and Creality knows it well, for this reason it has included a acrylic shield that filters UV rays, but we still recommend wearing safety glasses at all times. Additionally, it has a fan and activated carbon filter system behind the laser module, which helps to dissipate fumes and vapors.

Creality CV-30 - Fan

It is worth mentioning that the machine is shipped pre-assembled, so we have to do our part, but fortunately there is plenty of documentation and online tutorials on how to do it.

laser engraving and cutting

The Creality CV-30 is equipped with a 10W laser diode or 5W depending on the version you choose, obviously the first one is more powerful and the recommended option for professionals. However, both have in common Creality’s poly-lens spot compression laser technology, which allows for a laser engraver spot that compresses from 0.32 x 0.14mm to 0.12 x 0.06mm. Thanks to this small detail, the speed is increased six times, while at the same time ensuring that both The precision of engraving and cutting can reach 0.1mm.

As we briefly mentioned before, the machine has a fixed lens focus which allows us to quickly slide the facilitator down for quick focusing and to raise it back up once the job is complete. Thanks to this you can work with materials as thin as paper and up to 4-5mm thick efficiently.

fast focus

Speaking of materials, this one can engrave and cut on a wide variety of materials, such as paper, leather and of course wood. Even materials with high hardness, such as PVC, or anodized metal surfaces can be treated by the machine and get quality results; The issue is that it can take a long time and require several passes to obtain them, especially if we are using the 5W model.

In the same way, it is possible to obtain photographic prints with a good finish if we are patient and careful.

With all that said, the Creality CV-30 does not include a base plate for measuring and aligning material. However, it definitely makes up for it with the preview mode which does a good job of automatically and accurately locating and highlighting the work area.

Creality CV-30 - Preview

Connectivity and software

In terms of connectivity, the usual awaits us, a USB type B port to connect the machine to the computer and a TF card slot. It is worth mentioning that it includes a Micro SD card with adapter, which comes with a copy of the manual, reference materials, video tutorials and trial software, which brings us to the next point.

In this sense, the CR-Laser Falcon is compatible with the programs CrealityLaser, LaserGRBL and LightBurn. In the case of the latter, a free 30-day trial is included with the purchase.

Availability and price of the Creality CV-30

Those interested in the Creality CV-30 will be able to acquire it via with European shipment and in its version with 10W laser.


  • Exhaust fan and activated carbon filter
  • Large cutting area
  • competent price


  • no screen
  • Does not include cutting mat
Total score