Conga 9090, all the power and cleaning functions you need

conga 9090 toda la potencia y funciones de limpieza que podrias necesitar.jpg
conga 9090 toda la potencia y funciones de limpieza que podrias necesitar.jpg

The Cecotec conga 9090, also known as Conga 9090 AI, it is one of the most advanced cleaning robots of this company, which heads the forefront of its respective series and offers everything that we could ask of a robotic vacuum cleaner and more. To show a button, the Conga 9090 AI exhibits the highest suction power on the market, reaching a suction pressure of 10,000 Pascals, but that is just the beginning, since as its name implies, it consists of artificial intelligence that improves navigation, object detection and also cleaning precision. Nor can we overlook the fact that it is a 4-in-1 robot that vacuums, sweeps, scrubs and mops during your cleaning session; in other words, it does everything.

If you want the best of the best for cleaning your home, the Cecotec Conga 9090 is definitely your best ally, but it is far from being the only viable option offered by this brand, we can also give credit to Conga 3890 Vital for the excellent cleaning work carried out in its respective range.

Cecotec Conga 9090 technical specifications

CONGA 9090
Colors Black
Dimensions 53 x 38.5 x 15.3 cm
Suction capacity 10,000 Pa
Cleaning modes 12
Mapping technology Laser + RGB Camera
Noise level Less than 64 dB
Battery Lithium-Ion 14.8V, 3200mAh
Scrubbing capacity Yes
Scrub levels 3
Mixed tank Yes
Recognition 360º
Connectivity Wifi
Voice assistant support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Application control Yes
Battery Lithium-Ion 14.8 V and 6,400 mAh
Voltage 100-240V
Official site Cecotec
Box contents
  • Vacuum cleaner robot
  • Special silicone pet brush
  • Jalisco brush
  • Vibratory scrub tank
  • Solid deposit
  • Remote control
  • 2 mops
  • 2 side brushes
  • High efficiency filter
  • Self-cleaning brush
  • Charging base and power adapter
  • Manual
  • Application manual
  • Self-emptying base (Optional)
  • 3 hygienic bags
  • Manual

This is this robotic vacuum cleaner

The Cecotec Conga 9090 looks like any other robot vacuum cleaner in its series, so we will not waste time describing what it looks like, what we will say is that its body is provided with 8 optical sensors, a LiDAR scanner and an RGB camera on the front that help you perform a 360 ° scan of your environment, this is how you can create accurate maps of the areas to be cleaned and navigate through them.

Here technology comes out iTech Laser 360 of the company, which is combined with the MultiMap 3.0 system which can store up to 5 virtual and interactive maps.

Cecotec Conga 9090 AI - Navigation

We must emphasize how accurate your navigation is, since we are talking about a device able to detect small obstacles in the room that are usually ignored by simpler robotic vacuums such as shoes, cables and other small objects.

In fact, this robot also takes into consideration the presence of pets and humans during cleaning, so you can postpone cleaning an area if you realize that the room is occupied. It even has the ability to send photos to the user of what is obstructing their path and avoiding rugs.


We already know that its navigation technology is cutting edge and can do a lot more than the average robot in this regard, but how does it keep clean? Well, to answer that question we have to investigate everything that this model can do, which is not little.

We can start by saying that it exhibits a 10,000Pa suction power, a figure that has no equal in the current market, you simply will not find a robotic vacuum cleaner of this type with higher suction pressure and that is something remarkable.

Cecotec Conga 9090 AI - Cleaning

In this regard, you are unrivaled when it comes to vacuuming, but this is not the only thing you can do, too. sweeps, mops and scrubs the floor simultaneously, so it’s a 4-in-1 cleaner. Not satisfied with that, Cecotec has equipped the 9090 AI with the technology Twerking Tank, which in a nutshell makes the mop and water tank vibrate intensely to attack stubborn stains and dirt stuck to the floor.

Equally noteworthy are the 12 cleaning modes offered by this robotic vacuum cleaner, among which the Scrubbing mode stands out, which makes an intensive scrubbing. There are also full cleaning, spiral cleaning and edge cleaning modes.

Cecotec Conga 9090 AI - Brushes

In addition to offering all of this, the robot also includes 3 interchangeable brushes which add an exceptional degree of flexibility and adaptability. There’s the classic multi-function brush for general cleaning, the Bestfriend Care brush for pet hair, and the iconic Jalisco brush patented by Cecotec, which attacks the finest dust and dirt.

Application and control

Like any respected Cecotec robot vacuum cleaner, the Conga 9090 AI connects through an intuitive mobile app, which allows us to monitor the status of its operation, consult the saved virtual maps, change cleaning modes, give them specific orders, schedule cleaning sessions, create cleaning plans, define restricted areas and other actions.

Other forms of control are:

  • Classic remote control
  • Voice commands through virtual assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Cecotec Conga 9090 AI - Other characteristics

Autonomy and self-emptying base Conga 9090 AI

The autonomy of this robot is something to be commended, we are talking about its 6,400mAh battery can provide up to 240 minutes of cleaning, that is, about 4 hours, enough to clean your home or office.

Naturally, when the battery is about to run out, it automatically goes to its charging base and then resumes its task, but here is something interesting and it is about the possibility of acquiring a automatic emptying base that saves us the task of manually disposing of the garbage after each cleaning.

Cecotec Conga 9090 AI - Self-draining base

With this base we can go up to weeks without having to worry about emptying anything, in addition, the garbage is deposited in a convenient way inside the base, so that we will not come into contact with it, but with the bag.

Availability and price of the Cecotec Conga 9090

The Conga 9090 AI is available for purchase through, Where it can be purchased in the company of the self-emptying base or without it. Similarly, PC Components has it for sale for a similar price and, of course, it can also be found in the company’s official store, Cecotec Store.

  • Excellent suction power
  • 4 in 1
  • Accurate and efficient navigation
  • App control and voice commands
  • Long autonomy

  • Is expensive
  • The self-emptying base implies an additional cost

Total score