Conga 8090 Ultra, is it the ultimate cleaning robot?

conga 8090 ultra.jpg
conga 8090 ultra.jpg

Cecotec is a specialized manufacturer among the cleaning/">cleaning robots and its catalog is constantly being renewed with new models that are optimizing its performance. For example, if the available budget does not have great limitations, it may be advisable to opt for conga 8090 Ultra.

Cecotec Conga 8090 Ultra is a high-end robot vacuum cleaner It is presented as a team with a professional laser mapping system and four simultaneous actions, since sweeps, vacuums, mops and mops the floor through the use of a mixed tank for solids and liquids. As if that weren’t enough, it can be operated remotely and from any mobile using Wi-Fi connectivity and exclusive App.

Features of the Conga 8090 Ultra

Conga 8090 Ultra
Colors Black
Suction capacity 10,000 Pa
Cleaning modes 10
Mapping technology To be
Noise level Less than 64 dB
Battery Lithium-Ion 14.8V, 3200mAh
Scrubbing capacity Yes
Scrub levels 3
Mixed tank Yes
Recognition 360º
Connectivity Wifi
Voice assistant support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Application control Yes – Mijia App
Battery Lithium-Ion 5200 mAh
Autonomy 240 minutes
Voltage 100-240V
Official site Cecotec
Box contents Vacuum cleaner robot
Special silicone pet brush
Jalisco brush
Vibratory scrub tank
Solid deposit
Remote control
2 mops
2 side brushes
1 high efficiency filters
Self-cleaning brush
Charging base and power adapter
Application manual

Performance above average

Cecotec Conga 8090 Ultra

Cecotec Conga 8090 Ultra has sensors to avoid obstacles and falls

Highlighting the main specifications of this equipment, it can be indicated that the model does not skimp on suction power with a total of 10,000 Pawhile his OnlyOne System technology not only allows you to vacuum all the dirt around you but also sweep and mop the floor in the same action.

On the one hand, the present vibrating mop supports a descaling and intelligent scrubbing system with 3 levels of water flow (high, medium and low), while in advance each user can choose between 10 compatible cleaning modes (Smart Area, Restricted Area, Spot Cleaning, Twice, Auto, Manual, Edges, Scrubbing, Spiral and Back to Home).

Between the Conga 8090’s high-quality components include the inclusion of two interchangeable brushes that prevent tangles, one made of special rubber to remove animal hair for difficult surfaces such as carpets, and another double-material brush for all types of surfaces and dirt.

Lastly, there are some welcome additional features, such as the “Turbo Clean Carpet” system that activates the maximum suction power mode on carpets to clean them in the most efficient way, or “Final Cleaning” that presents a final cleaning movement so that it does not reach the charging base with traces of dust on the brush.

Smart home mapping

Conga 8090

Conga 8090 makes a mapping of every corner of the home

Thanks to the development of a optimized interactive map system with 3D visualization of the home, it is much easier to be able to delineate restricted areas, select multiple cleaning points, mark a specific area for deep cleaning with Twice mode, and create cleaning tours. In total, the robot’s memory supports the storage of up to five different maps.

Also, the so-called “Room Plan 3.0” is in charge of managing by rooms and floor types, proposing different pre-established cleaning patterns according to the type of room and surface that the user configures through the exclusive App, while it is also feasible to establish the order and cleaning mode for each of the rooms.

Finally, far from complicating the user with manual settings, the sensor “ITech Laser 360” allows the robot to scan and map on its own while moving around the house. There is also an optical sensor that helps the device carry out an orderly process following a linear path and thus improve the location of the robot so that it does not get lost or can return a second time to the same area that needs a deeper cleaning.

A robot with Wi-Fi connectivity

Cecotec Conga 8090 Ultra

Conga 8090 Ultra is compatible with Cecotec’s self-draining accessory

As in other “Premium” equipment of the brand that we have analyzed (for example Conga 7090), a support for Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to download an application to the phone from which to control the robot selecting cleaning modes, scheduling cleaning, changing suction and scrub power level, or monitoring cleaning history.

Likewise, the present “VirtualVoice” technology from which the robot can be synchronized with the virtual assistants of voice control of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to perform commands aloud, such as start or pause cleaning, send the robot to its charging base or even locate it by means of auditory emissions.

Finally, this Conga 8090 is able to automatically return to the charging base at the end of the cleaning from the intelligent system “GPSHome”, while its 14.8 V, 5200 mAh capacity lithium-ion battery promises a range of up to 240 minutes before needing a recharge, so there will be no problems of running out of power in the middle of cleaning as in other cheaper models

Availability and price of Cecotec Conga 8090

For buy the Conga 8090 it can be done from the Cecotec official store as well as from Amazon in pack with Conga Home Self-emptying base, and finally There are units in stock at MediaMarkt for all users in the Spanish territory.

  • Ability to sweep, vacuum, mop and mop simultaneously
  • High suction capacity (10,000 Pa)
  • 360º smart home mapping
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for management from App
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands
  • Few differences with other models of the brand
Total score