Conga 7090, a hybrid and intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

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conga 7090 cabecera gizlogic.jpg

AI reaches robot vacuum cleaners and conga 7090 o Cecotec Conga 7090 and Conga 7090 IA is a clear example of this. This robot vacuum cleaner Cecotec It is going to become, for sure, your favorite tool to clean your house, since it is capable of detecting different obstacles and, best of all, making decisions for itself!

What is the Conga 7090 like?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can already be found in many household appliances, and robot vacuum cleaners were not going to be any less. The Conga 7090 or Cecotec Conga 7090 and Conga 7090 IA is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner that, among other features, comes with this technology, in addition to others such as laser and cyclonic to guarantee great results.

A robot vacuum cleaner with AI

This combination of technologies makes it a precise cleaning robot, since it itself you can determine the areas in which you have to clean or not, as well as making different decisions involving power, noise level, and so on.

In fact, thanks to its RoomPlan 3.0 system, it is capable of managing up to 100 cleaning plans and with its optical sensor it can clean following a linear path that improves, in turn, the location of the robot itself. In addition, with the Interactive MultiMap 3.0 system you can save up to 10 different maps in your memory to use when you need them.

This robot vacuum cleaner model can be controlled through its own smartphone application and, also (and this will delight those who are involved in the world of home automation) by smart speakers that come with Alexa or Google Assistant. That is, you will be able to control your robot by voice.

Conga 7090

Hybrid and able to avoid obstacles

Another advantage that we can find in the Conga 7090 is that it is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner, which means that it can sweep, vacuum, mop and mop. That is, it offers dry and wet cleaning with the advantage that it even you can do it simultaneously with your OnlyOne System technology.

But that is not all. Some hybrid robots do not have their wet cleaning system too developed, but this one does, since it comes with the iWater system that, in addition to allowing the robot to scrub, offers you up to three modes for it.

These three modes correspond to “High” so you can perform a deep scrub, ideal for dirt that has been dried. The “Medium” mode, which is the most convenient for day to day, since it is capable of cleaning a little stubborn dirt, and the “low”, designed to, as its name suggests, carry out a superficial cleaning when something has just been spilled, for example.

Apart from these modes, its performance in terms of wet cleaning does not end there. Its scrubbing mode makes it scrub intelligently by wiping it back and forth. In addition, it also has Wash4You technology, which serves to control the water level and, in turn, measures how much comes out when scrubbing so that cleaning is uniform and the mop is always wet.

Thanks to this and that the mop is made of two materials on all types of surfaces, no type of dirt will resist it. Of course, the mop cannot be used everywhere, for example, it should not be used on carpets, so in this case it has the Turbo Clean Carpet system which activates the Turbo mode to clean these surfaces in depth.

Conga 7090

Good extras and cleaning modes

All in all, the Conga 7090 is very complete, as it includes 10 cleaning modes that you can select according to your needs, as well as a Jalisco brush that collects any type of particle and, with this, the possibility of working on all types of floors and carpets, while adapting to the circumstances of the home.

Also, you can exchange two brushes to avoid tangles and that are ideal for homes with pets. One of them is made with a special rubber that is very effective for the hair of our furry companions who stay on carpets and the other, made of double material, is perfect for other types of floors.

Besides, we cannot forget about Rotating center brush that helps you clean carpets and rugs for being built with rubber silicone bristles, and all this with a high efficiency filter that purifies the air and retains allergens, essential if we have allergic people at home.

If we wonder if this robot makes a lot of noise, in its case, it emits less than 64 dB, but it is capable of lowering the sound power when it passes by your pet so as not to disturb it. Its mapping capabilities help you define smart routes to locate and clean efficiently and even pass up to 2 times if you need to work harder in an area.

Like other models of the brand, can be programmed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, in addition to that you will be able to establish the level of scrub flow you need, as well as the suction power and it will carry them out automatically.

What’s more, its Lithium-Ion battery gives it a 240 minute autonomy So you don’t have to worry about anything and, if that seems little to you, if the robot runs out of battery, it is able to return to its base, charge it again and resume work where it left off to finish it.

As you can see, this is an intelligent robot that will make you forget about cleaning completely and can dedicate yourself to other more important tasks.

Conga 7090

Specifications of the Cecotec Conga 7090 and Conga 7090 IA

Cecotec Conga 7090 and Conga 7090 IA
Name Conga 7090 IA Robot Vacuum Cleaner.
Technologies Artificial intelligence and laser, with cyclonic technology.
Features Recognizes objects, rooms, types of floor and pets.
It includes High precision sensors.
Power 10000 Pa of suction power.
Modes Vacuum, scrub, sweep and mop.
Additional features Room management with RoomPlan 3.0.
Product dimensions 36 x 36 x 10 cm
Weight 5.74 kg
Noise 64 dB
Colour Black

This is how they think about the Conga 7090

It is a good hybrid robot vacuum cleaner, with a acceptable value for money that stands out for its ability to dodge different obstacles. Although its application is not intuitive, it is easy to use and offers good results.

Conga 7090

Conclusions of the Conga 7090

Do not forget that you can continue to see other robot vacuum cleaners of the brand such as Conga 4690.

  • Good value for money.
  • Great ability to avoid obstacles.
  • Good cleaning results.

  • Its application is not intuitive.