Conga 3890 Titanium, an efficient and intelligent cleaning robot

conga 3890 titanium.jpg
conga 3890 titanium.jpg

Manufacturers specialized in the field of cleaning robots are significantly improving performance in their latest models while avoiding skyrocketing their prices. For example, Cecotec is one of the most interesting brands to look at and for this occasion it is time to analyze in detail what it has to offer. conga 3890 Titanium.

Cecotec Conga 3890 Titanium is a mid-range robot vacuum cleaner It includes a professional laser mapping system that allows you to perform four actions simultaneously, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing the floor. Inside there is a mixed tank for solids and liquids, while its Wi-Fi wireless connectivity makes it easy to control tasks from a distance and from your mobile.

Characteristics of the Conga 3890 Titanium

Conga 3890 Titanium
Colors Black
Suction capacity 2300 Pa
Cleaning modes 10
Mapping technology To be
Noise level Less than 64 dB
Battery Lithium-Ion 14.8V, 3200mAh
Scrubbing capacity Yes
Scrub levels 3
Mixed tank Yes
Recognition 360º
Connectivity Wifi
Voice assistant support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Application control Yes – Mijia App
Voltage 100-240V
Official site Cecotec
Box contents Conga 3890 Titanium Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Jalisco brush
Multifunction brush (bristles and silicone)
Silicone brush
Mixed tank (solid and liquid)
Solid deposit
2 mops
2 side brushes
2 high efficiency filters
Self-cleaning brush
Charging base and power adapter
Application manual

Adaptation to various scenarios

As indicated above, this model has no problem dealing with any type of dirt that it encounters on the road, because in addition to vacuuming and sweeping, Its built-in water tank makes it easy to keep your built-in map with enough moisture at all times to scrub the surface without creating a real mess.

Regarding the latter, Conga 3890 allows you to use the “Scrubbing” mode that uses the map in an intelligent way thanks to its back and forth movement, while its system called “iWater” allows you to choose between three levels of scrubbing that optimizes the total power used (“High” for deep cleaning, “Medium” for daily tasks and “Low” for superficial requirements).

In addition, users have at their disposal a total of 10 cleaning modes to choose from before starting the trip around the home, in addition to a “Room Plan 2.0” system from which you can manage up to 50 cleaning plans, selecting the rooms and private rooms in the area, choose the order in which the robot will go through them and even leave special rooms out of the path.

It is worth emphasizing that the total available suction power remains at 2300 Pa, which is obviously below other “Premium” proposals such as Conga 6090 Ultra with its maximum of 10,000 Pa.

Extra details of Cecotec Conga 3890 Titanium

Conga 3890

Conga 3890 allows easy control from the phone

Some of the “Premium” components that are present in the Conga 3890 Titanium include their Jalisco brush, a new motorized accessory made up of two materials and that with millions of microfibers it is capable of capturing tiny particles such as beach sand, flour, mites and sucking up three times the usual amount in a single pass.

On the other hand, the so-called “BestFriend Care” system features a total of two interchangeable brushes that prevent tangles. One of them consists of a special rubber material to remove animal hair in really annoying places such as carpets, while the second is a dual-material brush for all types of surfaces and dirt.

Finally, there is no need to worry about battery life issues, as the 3200 mAh Lithium-Ion unit takes advantage of the technology “Total Surface 2.0”Which ensures that the entire surface is cleaned during a daily tour, since In case of running out of power, it is able to automatically return to the charging base on its own, finding the fastest route, recharging and going out again to pick up the process from where you left off.

Facilities via smart connectivity

Cecotec Conga 3890 Titanium

Cecotec Conga 3890 Titanium can perform actions through voice commands

Conga 3890 is another of the brand’s current robots that allows complete control through Wi-Fi connectivity and a proprietary application that can be downloaded to Android and iOS mobiles.. It includes options to choose cleaning modes, schedule the day and time of the week to start your tour, select suction and scrub power, and even have a cleaning history on hand.

Thanks to a composition of intelligent sensors, the robot has no problems scanning and mapping the home in a 360º recognition process.. This map will be created as the cleaning is done (thanks to the Interactive MultiMap system it is possible to store up to 5 different maps in the internal memory of the equipment), something that will help to establish the fastest, most efficient and orderly ways to plan future cleaning .

Like little, This model has compatibility with the most popular virtual assistants on the market such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Through VirtualVoice technology it is possible to connect the robot with other compatible wireless devices and perform voice actions, such as starting cleaning, stopping cleaning, sending the robot to its charging base or even locating the robot by means of auditory emissions. .

Availability and price of Conga 3890

For buy the Conga 3890 Titanium it can be done from several online stores, such is the case of Pccomponents with a discount price Limited Time, Amazon with international shipments available, MediaMarkt for the Spanish market and even from one’s own official store of the manufacturer Cecotec.

  • Ten cleaning modes with integrated scrubbing function
  • Ability to correctly map the home in 360º
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with control via mobile App
  • Support for voice commands via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Your suction power could be higher
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