Close Amazon Drive: this is everything you need to know

close amazon drive this is everything you need to know
close amazon drive this is everything you need to know

If you are using  amazon drive services , today we have some bad news for you. It’s time to pack your digital files and move to another platform. The closure of Amazon Prime comes after  eleven years  and has caught users on a changed foot. What to do now that Amazon Drive closes? How long will you be able to keep your files hosted here? We answer these and other questions below.

Close Amazon Drive: when will you lose your account and what will happen to the files

Before you throw your hands in your head, don’t worry, because there is still a lot left for this unexpected closure. You need to get down to business to find a new storage service for your documents, but you won’t have to leave here overnight, as the company has been compassionate enough to give its users some time off.

The closure of this platform will take place on  December 31, 2023 . Of course, keep in mind that, although this is the definitive closing date, that does not mean that you can continue using it normally, since the available functions will be progressively reduced. For example, on October 31, 2022 the app for iOS and Android will be removed, while on January 31, 2023 we will no longer be able to upload new files.

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This change will affect both free accounts and those with a paid plan. Amazon wants you to use  Amazon Photos , a service that allows you to host both photos and videos, but of course we can choose to migrate to any third-party cloud. In fact, the migration to Amazon Photos will be automatic in the case of  photos and videos .

For now, the company has not reported how it will use the files that we have hosted, but the general recommendation is to download them and find a new home for them. There will be no automatic transfer , but you will be able to download everything in a single file in the desktop version.

Finally, you should know that it will be soon indicated  how to request a refund in case you have paid for a subscription that expires after December 31, 2023.