Chronicle of a Death Foretold: Farewell to IGTV, Now What?


We cannot say that this was not seen coming. The limited success of IGTV has caused Mark Zuckerberg’s company to decide to get rid of this format for good. IGTV disappears from the map , but, in its place, there will be new options for the content creators of this social network, with which it is hoped, now, to hit the right key to boost the video format once and for all. Instagram.

Goodbye to IGTV and news in the videos uploaded to Instagram

Marie Kondo would not be proud of the way the content tabs of Instagram profiles have been divided so far. Instagram is working on a facelift for the app to improve the way videos are displayed. IGTV disappears, although rather we could say that it is transformed into  Instagram TV .

The main novelties go through the new duration of these contents, with a maximum of  60 minutes  (with which it is also expected to increase the time of stay of the users in the application). In addition, from now on they will also appear on the wall of the person who uploads these videos. To date, the IGTVs were not shown on the wall and you had to navigate to a specific tab. For its part, the Reels, being a much more specific format, will remain, for the moment, separately.

They really do not seem too drastic changes, on the contrary, offering the possibility of uploading longer content and giving them more visibility can be an incentive for the content creators of this social network to bet more and more on the video format.

And to you, what do you think of these changes? Do you think that this way you will consume more video content on Instagram or do you consider that it will not affect you?