CallApp is updated with new features and greater security

Every cell phone user has surely been the victim at some point of a call with fraudulent purposes or simply with junk content (spam). Although, this type of calls has always occurred, since the pandemic of the COVID-19 appeared last year their number has increased dramatically. Worldwide, the increase is estimated at 18%, a considerable figure especially in Spain since it is the fifth country most affected by this phenomenon. It is obvious that spam calls are not going to go away, but that does not mean that they cannot be avoided with the use of the right tools. If you are an Android user, and you find yourself exhausted from these calls, then you will be happy to meet callapp.

CallApp is a small free tool (with the possibility of unlocking features Premium through a referral program) available in Google play that allows calls to be identified regardless of their origin, and thus to be able to eliminate up to 98% of spam calls. Thanks to an intelligent search system, CallApp It is capable of showing even those numbers that are hidden so that you know when you should not attend.

CallApp is the best friend to call

Of course, CallApp it is not simply a caller ID. Sometimes even seeing the number on the cell phone is not enough to know whether or not it should be answered. That is why CallApp It is also responsible for automatically filtering junk or fraudulent calls, preventing them from reaching the user in the first place.

Identify who called you

Another interesting feature that can be found in this application is the ability to record calls. This is especially helpful if you think you are being scammed and need proof to report.

We know what you’re thinking: recording calls shouldn’t be legal. You can rest assured that a call can be recorded as long as it is made by one of the participants on the call and not by a third party who is not speaking. However, the developers of CallApp They take security very seriously, so before using this feature, users of the app will be subjected to a test to certify their use.

A more flexible contact list

Although the main function of CallApp is to debug the garbage calls, the developers wanted to make it even more attractive and useful for users thanks to its latest update. For this they have added shortcuts such as the “Post Call Card” and the “Long Tap”.

Post Call Card offers a set of common options that people make after a call, so that the user does not have to resort to additional menus to do them. An example of this would be sending a text message to a number that is calling you for the first time, or saving the contact information immediately after the call.


However, the real novelty is in Long Tap. Simple in functionality, Long Tap adds a drop-down options menu by holding down a contact number for a moment. From this menu you can manage contact information, send messages, assign notes, and even customize the tone of their notifications.

As we mentioned previously, you can get free Call App by clicking here. However, you can also purchase a version Premium which offers more options as well as additional statistics.

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