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Bose SoundLink Flex, analysis of the robust speaker that floats on water

bose soundlink flex foto destacada.jpg
bose soundlink flex foto destacada.jpg

Surely we have all heard of Bose, one of the benchmarks in the audio sector. This time we bring you the Bose SoundLink Flex speaker. One of its most curious products due to the versatility of its compact design, water and dust resistance, floats on water and is compatible with assistants of our smartphone. A true all-rounder to take a remarkable sound experience with us, whether in the living room or in the mountains. We review all the features and price of the SoundLink Flex in our review.

Technical characteristics of the Bose SoundLink Flex

Bose Sound Link Flex
Protection IP67 (Splash or dust)
Bluetooth 4.1
transmission distance 9 – 10m
playing time Up to 12 hours of use
Loading time 4 hours
Audio output Mono audio, 60mm driver, dual passive radiators
connectivity Bluetooth, USB-C (charging)
Assistants Google Assistant, Siri
Dimensions 9 cm (H) x 20.1 cm (W) x 5.2 cm (D)
Weight 600g
Package Contents 1 x Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker, 1 x Charging Cable


Elegance is a hallmark of Bose in its products, whether it’s a sound bar or a portable speaker. No matter the sale price, even the cheapest product of the brand meets excellent aesthetics. For this reason, we are surprised that the Bose SoundLink Flex is a offroad Product, since its design invites you not to take it out of the house. However, the small speaker is ready to take our music beyond the living room, from a meeting on the beach or a getaway to the mountains.

Bose Sound Link Flex

Soft silicone and steel coated speaker prevents rust corrosion

For this reason, Bose has chosen a silicone finish that quickly repels dirt and water. It also favors the grip of the speaker and cushions possible falls or bumps. Its metallic body gives it that extra consistency and with a powder-lacquered steel grille. The stability of its materials is such that they are prepared for resist the impact of ultraviolet light and corrosion. It is available in three colors: black, white and blue, the latter the most attractive in our opinion.

But the Bose SoundLink Flex still has an ace up its sleeve. As expected, it features dust and water resistance, so you get a IP67 certification. Thanks to this, there will be no problem taking it to the pool with us or cleaning it after a hiking session. We were surprised when we discovered that it is able to float on water. That is, we can take it in a kayak, paddle surf and more water activities.

Bose Sound Link Flex

Dust and water resistant with IP67 certification

Other highlights

The speaker has fairly compact size for what we are used to in these products. Its dimensions are 9 cm high, 20.1 cm wide and 5.2 cm deep. Its weight, despite having a metallic body, is maintained at about correct 600 g. The longitudinal design of the speaker allows it to be placed horizontally, lying upright or hanging vertically from the fabric handle. Unfortunately a carabiner is not included for attachment to any branch or strap of our backpack.

Bose Sound Link Flex

Easy to hold with one hand, but does not include a strap or carrying case

The versatility of the SoundLink Flex is also reflected in the sound output. The technology PositionIQ adapts the sound response to the chosen position. An internal sensor picks up the orientation of the speaker, automatically adjusting the tones for optimal reproduction. That is, it activates a specific equalization to get all the performance out of the speaker according to its placement.

Bose Sound Link Flex

The sound adapts to the chosen position with an adjustment in the equalization

Controls and connectivity

In a deeper look we stop at the upper button panel by pressure, it is not tactile. From here it is possible to control the play music, activate our phone assistant or answer phone calls via Bluetooth. The controls respond well to our commands, although it is likely that we will use the smartphone more for it. We have done the test with Spotify and activated Bixby on our Samsung S21 Ultra without any objection.

Bose Sound Link Flex

Compatible with calls and assistants from our smartphone

The only connector is located on the side, a USB-C used only for battery charging. Therefore, we are before a strict use bluetooth speaker, no card reader or auxiliary audio input. We took another disappointment when verifying that uses Bluetooth 4.1 instead of the current 5.1, although it should not affect the performance of the A2DP profile. The range remains just as stable with a range of about 9 – 10m.

Bose Sound Link Flex

The Bose SoundLink Flex can only be used via Bluetooth

Although we can also take advantage of connectivity to link more Bose speakers. And it is that, as is the case with other models, it is compatible with other brand speakers in its party mode. In this way, we can distribute the speakers throughout several rooms in the house and expand the musical experience. Or also to a sound bar and not miss a single detail of the narration of the basketball game while we are in the kitchen.

sound experience

The first thing we tried was the mentioned positional sound. The experience was very good in any position, inside a closed room. Outdoors, there are other factors that influence such as wind direction, environmental noise, etc. However, its staging is powerful and groundbreaking. We also linked our speaker to the Bose Connect app to discover possible settings or features. Here we have access to the user manual, firmware update, voice prompts in our language, link other speakers and a sleep timer. Therefore, it does not include a customizable equalizer to adapt the sound output to the musical genre that we are playing.

Bose Sound Link Flex

Bose SoundLink Flex app

So we had to stick with the standard speaker profile and see how it fits. At maximum volume levels, the distortion is almost noticeable at various times, although it will depend greatly on the genre. The answer with bass is solid and present in the musical mix, the mids are clear as you would expect. The voices sound clean and clearly identifiable with respect to the instrumental base. We do not have to forget that it is a mono speaker, unless we link another speaker and get a stereo response (through the app).

Bose Sound Link Flex

60mm driver and dual passive radiators for bass

Battery and autonomy

The brand does not offer us data on the battery built into the speaker, so we have to stick to autonomy. The official figure is 12 hours of use, but in our experience it has been around remarkable 10 hours. Obviously, it will largely depend on the level of volume used, especially when we use it outdoors. Charging is done through the USB-C connector and the accompanying cable, it does not include a power adapter. It takes just under 4 hours to fully charge the speaker.

Bose Sound Link Flex

USB-C connector for speaker charging

Availability and price of the Bose SoundLink Flex

In conclusion, the SoundLink Flex offers a rich sound experience outdoors, keeping the type at a high volume level. It is designed for intensive use outside the home with IP67 certification and being able to float in water. The possibilities are endless and they invite you to always carry it with us due to its compact size. However, it lacks connections other than Bluetooth. We reward with the Gizlogic Gold Award.

  • Design resistant to shocks, dust, etc.
  • IP67 certification
  • It floats on water
  • It wastes power even outdoors
  • good autonomy

  • No remaining battery level indicator
  • Bluetooth 4.1 instead of 5.1
  • Slight clipping at very high volume levels

Golden Giz Award

Total score