Books written by ChatGPT, the latest fashion from Amazon

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We knew it was going to happen. Since we heard about the possibilities of chatgpt and especially since we did our first tests, we sensed that soon this artificial intelligence would eat part of our toast in many aspects. Today we can talk about something that is already a reality. The first books written by ChatGPT. They are already available in amazon and it would not seem crazy to us to see them soon on the shelves of bookstores. Time to time.

There are already hundreds of books written by ChatGPT

We could give you an exact figure, but the truth is that the number of books written by ChatGPT is growing day by day. Platforms like Amazon, the queen of self-publishing thanks to its Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), have the ideal fiefdom for this type of works to proliferate. Curiosity is doing the rest and it is not only growing in number of works, but also in number of readers.

In fact, we can directly search books written by ChatGPT and we find some covers that boast of this feat, with a variety of prices and themes. We have personal development books, romantic novels, horror or science fiction stories… To suit the consumer. Furthermore, this trend seems to be having a stronger impact on the Anglo-Saxon market, since most of the books published are in English.

books written by chatgpt

Is it something to be proud of? Obviously it cannot be compared to work and effort of a writer, but it is a rather curious innovation. for now, cannot be equaled to the emotion that a good writer manages to arousebut it is a reality to which we cannot close our eyes either.

It also has its detractors and in fact there are even tools to detect content written by ChatGPT.

Another different issue is the issue of royalties. Who should they really correspond to? Who uploads the book or who has developed the AI? The debate is served and certainly does not have a simple answer. What do you think?