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Bongo S+ Max Infinity Series, a scooter with extra quality

Maybe you know the manufacturer cecotec for its famous line of cleaning robots that it has among the highest exponents of that category, but this does not mean that it is the only thing it has to offer on the market. For example, your interest in electric vehicles has allowed him to create his own series of scooters and bongo Series S+ Max infinity is one of its protagonists.

Bongo S+ Max Infinity Series is a “Premium” mid-range electric scooter that improves its offering when compared to previous launches, including a maximum power of 750W and rear suspension to give you a safer ride through the city. To this is added a battery to travel 30 km and 3 driving modes available.

Characteristics of Bongo Series S+ Max Infinity

Bongo Series S+ Max Infinity
Brand cecotec
Model S+ Max Infinity
Guy Electric scooter
Available colours black with dark gray
wheel size 10 inches
frame materials Aluminium alloy
Folding Yeah
Break system High-precision brake disc and e-ABS with regenerative braking
engine power 750W
Maximum speed Up to 25 km/h
battery capacity 7800 mAh Li-ion battery
Autonomy 30 kilometers
Loading time about 5 hours
supported load 120kg
indicative screen Yes, LCD
Lights Yes, front and rear
Package content 1 x scooter, charger, instruction manual, tools needed for assembly

A design without surprises

Bongo Series S+ Max Infinity

Bongo Series S+ Max Infinity has light on both ends

As you can see in the images that accompany this analysis, there are no great eccentricities in the aesthetic style of this model and it is sold in a combination of black and gray throughout its entire structure. The only thing more striking is the use of a light blue color on the inside of its tires which give it an attractive effect, especially when it is in motion.

A detail to highlight Bongo S+ Max Infinity Series is the use of an XL GreatSkate bamboo base which not only gives enough space for those with large feet but is also not completely smooth to increase stability when standing in a traditional position.

Finally, You will not lack a series of LED lights to have a correct vision of the road when driving at night as well as helping other drivers to be aware of your presence on the road, while on the center of your handlebar you will have a High visibility LED panel that quickly shows you the most relevant driving data such as kilometers traveled, current speed and remaining battery level.

Good driving numbers

Bongo Series S+ Max Infinity

Bongo S+ Max Infinity Series has 10-inch tires

Undoubtedly the most attractive in the composition of the Bongo S+ Max Infinity Series is in the choice of a powerful motor of up to 750W, which in practical terms will help you overcome slopes with an elevation of up to 15% without any problem, as well as move at a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

It is important to emphasize that this device will make it possible for you to establish different speed limits at which you want to move thanks to its three driving modes available, Pedestrian, Comfort and Sport, while complying with all the requirements of Spanish traffic regulations so that you will not have a problem with the authority when it comes to driving freely through the city.

If all this is not enough for you, the performance of your battery has also been optimized to improve your capacity up to 7800 mAh and that you can move up to a maximum of 30 km before needing a recharge (you need about 5 hours to recover 100%). Is your place of work or study far away? This model will not “abandon” you halfway.

To conclude, it can be highlighted in the positive analysis of the vehicle the use of 10-inch diameter tubeless tires to achieve better sensations of displacement on the surface, in addition to a double braking system comprised of a front brake disc and e-ABS with regenerative braking that increase security in each displacement.

Comparison with Cecotec Bongo Series A

Bongo Series S+ Max Infinity

Bongo S+ Max Infinity Series is prepared for use around the city

As can be decanted from its own name, the manufacturer distinguishes its different electric scooters by series with different letters. For example, further back in the range of alternatives is the Cecotec Bongo Series A, model that we had the possibility to analyze in the past with a series of slightly more basic technical specifications.

Although logically its final price is lower, Cecotec Bongo Serie A has a motor with a nominal power of 350W which can max out at up to 700W, while its tires are slightly smaller with a diameter of 8.5 inches. Talking about its battery, there is also less capacity to go around an average of 25 kilometers before needing a recharge.

Availability and price of Bongo Series S+ Max Infinity

For buy the S+ Max Infinity Series Bongo you can do it by Pccomponentes with shipments available throughout the Spanish territory.

  • good engine power
  • Improved battery life
  • Safe driving with double braking system
  • Features a front panel with real-time driving data
  • It looks similar to other models of the brand already released
  • Final price is above average
Total score

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