Bodytone DT22W, versatile and low-maintenance treadmill

bodytone dt22w destacada.jpg
bodytone dt22w destacada.jpg

The bodytone dt22w It is a modern and complete treadmill, ideal for doing cardio at home. This model stands out for its cushioning system coupled with a tapestry with BODYTONE AUTOLUBRICATE BELT technology, which lubricates itself. As if that were not enough, it lends itself to the consumption of multimedia content during exercise, since it puts on the table a 15.6-inch screen with speakers and Wi-Fi connectivity, which is why it is also known as Bodytone DT22Wifi. For more information, you already know what to do.

Technical specifications of the Bodytone DT22Wifi

Bodytone DT22Wifi
kind of product home treadmill
Dimensions 185 x 82 x 137cm
Dimensions (folded) 115 x 83 x 147cm
Net weight 96KG
maximum weight supported 140KG
Color Black
Sports running
running surface 135x50cm
Speed 22KM/h
Engine 5.0HP DC
functions 109 training programs, heart rate reading
Screen Yes, 15.6 inches
Speakers yes, high definition
connectivity Internet access and multimedia applications, Bluetooth, MP3, WIFI
Tapestry Anti-static and self-lubricated tapestry
manufacturer site

Bodytone DT22W Design

The Bodytone DT22W is not just any home treadmill, it has a robust and stable frame, which is stable for intensive use. In addition, it incorporates the REACT technology from the manufacturerwhich translates into a 6-pad cushioning systemwhich adapts the tape to the type of stride of the user while reducing the impact on the joints.

Bodytone DT22W - Design

As regards the tape itself, we can say that it outlines a 135 x 50cm running surface and supports a maximum weight of 140 kilos; but this is not the only interesting thing, since the tapestry is anti-static and has a automatic lubrication system that prevents irreparable damage to the engine and saves us headaches and maintenance.

It should also be noted that the machine has a Collapsible design with wheels for easy transport and storagesomething extremely necessary when considering that it weighs around 100KG and occupies a good space.

Bodytone DT22W - Folded

Features and functions

This treadmill is equipped with a 5CV motor that can withstand heavy loads and reach a Top speed of 22 kilometers per hour. Likewise, it admits 18 levels of electronic incline to shape the training sessions to suit the user.

With all that in mind, the Bodytone DT22W offers 109 training programs and keeps track of our running speed, calories burned and heart rate; That’s right, this treadmill incorporates heart rate sensors on the handlebarsas well as it has a button panel to modify the training parameters.

Bodytone DT22W - Features

An ideal treadmill for consuming content

As you can see, this treadmill is equipped with nothing more or less than a 15.6 inch touch screen that we can not only use to check the time, distance, calories burned and other data from our training, but also allows us to consume multimedia content.

In this sense, the machine has connectivity Wi-Fi and supports apps like Netflix, Facebook, Instagram and YouTubeso we can enjoy our favorite series, movies or songs (it also has a speaker) while we train.

Bodytone DT22W - Screen

Availability and price of the Bodytone DT22W

If you want to purchase the Bodytone DT22Wifi treadmill, let us inform you that it is for sale in the PC Components storebut it can also be found available at Media Markt for a competitive price. As always, we suggest consulting all the offers before making a decision.

On the other hand, if you are more of a stationary bike user and have your eye open for a good quality one, perhaps we can recommend you to the Bodytone SMB1 V2.


  • Foldable and wheeled design
  • 15.6” screen with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • self lubricated tapestry
  • cushioning technology


  • heavy and voluminous