BLUETTI AC50S, an affordable portable generator with solar charging included

bluetti ac50s destacada.jpg
bluetti ac50s destacada.jpg

The BLUETTI AC50S is a portable power generator that stands out for its affordable price and reasonable 500Wh capacity to power devices. It has the benefit of being very compact and coming from a renowned brand in this segment, so it earns our full attention today.

For those who prefer the short version, we can say that it has a 500Wh high capacity battery It can charge a smartphone 36 times and keep other high-power devices running for several hours. The battery has a multitude of device outlets, as well as offers various recharging methods, including solar.

With that said, the BLUETTI AC50S is shaping up to be an excellent option for those thinking of giving this generator an occasional use or powering a handful of devices. If you have much more demanding energy requirements, then you should opt for a solution with more watts per hour, such as the BLUETTI AC200 MAX, that offers 2048Wh of capacity and a modular design to take that capacity up to 8192Wh.

BLUETTI AC50S Technical Specifications

Manufacturer’s Product Identifier AC50S-EU-OG-D3
Product dimensions 26 x 20 x 20 cm
Product weight 6.02 kilograms
Product model number AC50S
Color Orange
Power supply Lithium battery
Voltage 230 Volts (AC)
Electric power 300 watts
Product weight 6.02 kg
Charging methods
  • Solar panel
  • AC wall outlet
  • Car charger
  • AC120V US outlet (pure sine wave)
  • 2 ports DC12V3A
  • DC12V10A
  • 45W USB Type-C
  • 4 USB Type-A ports
Package content
  • PowerOak Portable Solar Generator
  • AC Adapter and Cable
  • Car cable (DC7909 male connector)
  • MC4 cable (MC4 to DC 7909 male connector)
  • User’s manual
  • USB type C cable



A very compact solar generator

Normally we would not say this, but the BLUETTI AC50S is quite a nice product, it is even available in 3 color presentations, which are blue, orange and gray. By examining his body we will find a plastic construction tough enough. In this you can see cooling fans on both sides of the case, which keeps the season cool during use. The provided panels also feature a waterproof design (IP67) suitable for short-term outdoor use.

Bluetti AC50S - Design

However, its appearance is not what makes it special, it is what makes it compact and lightweight What is it; We are talking about a cubic object that measures 26 x 20 x 20 cm and weighs just over 6 kilograms, which means that it is extremely portable, so it can be carried very easily in camping luggage or in the trunk of the car. .

To make things even more convenient, the generator has a carrying handle and an LCD screen that indicates the status of the battery and also the current input and output.

Bluetti AC50S - Parts

Capacity and performance BLUETTI AC50S

We are facing a basic model whose battery reaches a 500Wh capacity, which we can use to charge various electronic products or power various electrical appliances with one rated power less than 300W (overvoltage up to 450W).

The BLUETTI AC50S is far from being the most powerful model we’ve seen, but it has what it takes to power utensils such as a 40W mini fridge for 10 hours or more. Similarly, a fan can be kept on for 12 hours using this generator. However, it is mainly designed to charge portable devices, and this is where we will find it most useful as it can provide up to 40 charges of a mobile with a 2,815mAh battery or 7 charges from a 60Wh laptop.


Inputs and charging methods

This generator has 3 ways to charge, which are:

  • Solar energy: Perhaps the greenest way to charge the Bluetti AC50S is to do so using the solar panels. To do this we must hook the panels to the station and place them in the sun. Once this is done it should take around 5-6 hours to fully charge the generator assuming the sun is helping and we are using a 120W kit.
  • Car battery / AC adapter: one of the more traditional charging methods, we can use a car battery or a wall port to charge the Bluetti AC50S. The supplied cable can be connected to a power input port and the station can be allowed to charge over time. In this case we are contemplating 5 or 6 hours of charging as well.
  • Gasoline power plant: Nothing prevents us from connecting the AC50S to a traditional gasoline power plant and charging it in this way. This is extremely simple and works in a similar way to using a car battery or AC adapter, so there is no more to explain.

Bluetti AC50S - Charging inputs

Power outlets

Power outputs include two 220-240V AC sockets, two 12 / 3A DC sockets and a lockable 12V / 10A port. When the cigarette lighter cable is connected to the port, it can be locked in place by turning it a quarter turn.

For more conventional devices we find two USB Type-A 5V / 3A ports and two USB Type-A ports. There’s also a 45W USB Type-C port and a 15W wireless charging surface for added convenience.

Bluetti AC50S

In this sense, the BLUETTI AC50S is on par with the best portable generators, but with the clear distinction that its capacity is more limited and its price reflects this.

Additional led light

Something that we did not expect to see in this portable power station, is the addition of a LED light that serves as a flashlight. If you are in the dark, you can use this function to help you. It has three modes: full brightness, semi-bright and SOS flashing, we can switch between them with the press of a button.

It should be noted that this light is designed for outdoor lighting and emergency situations, so it can emit much more light than the flashlight of your mobile.

Charging methods

Availability and price of the BLUETTI AC50S

For those interested in the BLUETTI AC50S, it can be purchased from the reliable store with the option to add solar panels to the purchase. Similarly, there is also the possibility of buy it from Geekbuying for a similar price.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Charging using solar panels
  • Wireless charging panel
  • Led light with SOS mode


  • Recharging may take a while
  • Solar panels involve additional expense
  • Battery capacity is limited


Total score