BEZIOR X1500, a high-performance electric SUV

bezior x1500 destacada.jpg
bezior x1500 destacada.jpg

The bezior x1500 It’s an off-road e-bike made to tackle rough trails with grace and speed. This model is the evolution of the Bezior X1000 that we discussed a long time ago, so we already have a good idea of ​​its capabilities. For starters, it’s an e-bike with 26-inch tires, a convenient folding design, and more importantly, a 1500W motor that delivers a top speed of 40KM/H. Furthermore, it promises a long range of up to 100KM with its rechargeable battery and a comfortable driving experience provided by a dedicated damping system.

Technical characteristics of the Bezior X1000

  • 85 x 105 x 95cm (unfolded)
  • 100 x 105 x 45cm (folded)
Weight 25kg
Color Black and green / Black and yellow
main material Aluminium alloy
Recommended user height Between 1.65m and 1.90m
weight it can bear up to 200kg
Endurance IP54
Wheel 26 x 4 inches
Maximum speed 40km/h
Autonomy 100 km with pedal assistance
Loading time 4-6 hours
Brake Hydraulic disc ZOOM H875
Power 1500W
Change Shimano 27 gear
Pitch 35º
travel modes 3
Screen Yes
Box contents
  • Bezior X1500 electric moped bike
  • Charger
  • Wrench
  • Hex multifunction tool
  • Lock
  • Quick release front wheel
  • Bomb
  • User manual
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A full-fledged mountain e-bike

We have no doubt that the BEZIOR X1500 meets all the demands we would have on such a product, from a strong and lightweight aluminum alloy frame to an effective damping system. Going into details, it has wide 26 x 4-inch heavy-duty tires with anti-slip properties that ensure good traction even on the roughest terrain, and that’s exactly what we want to see in an e-bike in this class.


With that said, the framework has two tricks up its sleeve. First, it is foldable, which temporarily reduces the dimensions of the bike to 100 x 105 x 45cm for easier storage. In second place, the battery is removablewhich greatly facilitates the recharging process, since it will not be necessary to carry the entire bike inside the house.

Additionally, the body and motor have IP54 certificationso there are no problems when exposing it to the rain.

BEZIOR X1500 - Folding Design

Changing the subject a bit, looking at the handlebars of the BEZIOR X1500 we will notice a handful of details, including a throttle, Shimano gearboxes and a 5.0 inch LCD instrument that indicates to the driver the current speed, battery status, selected assistance level and mileage in real time.

BEZIOR X1500 - Screen

In terms of lighting and night driving there is only one front led headlightwhile the rear brake light is conspicuous by its absence.

In another order of ideas, the BEZIOR X1500 is available in two color presentations: black with green and black with yellow.

Engine and features

The BEZIOR X1500 can bask in its power and speed, because at the heart of its offering is an engine of nothing more nor less than 1500Wwhich delivers a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour and enough torque to climb a slope with an incline of 38° degrees without the user’s help. Also worth mentioning is the presence of a pedal sensor that complements the set.

BEZIOR X1500 - Engine

Therefore, it lends itself to cycling on mountain routes and other rustic terrain, as well as driving on conventional roads and highways. The only negative is that, due to its speed and power, the BEZIOR X1500 classifies as a moped, so it will need to be registered in most countries to use it legally, especially if we are talking about Europeans.

It is important to note that speed is not everything, and the manufacturer of the X1500 knows this very well, which is why they have also prioritized user comfort. In this sense, the bicycle not only has a front fork with suspension and lockout functionbut also with a hydraulic shock absorber at the bottom of the frame. As a result, bumps and road shocks are well cushioned while the bike’s load capacity is increased considerably, up to 200KG to be specific.

Transmission and brake system

Similarly, we find a Shimano brand transmission system with 27 gears to adjust the cadence and speed. In the meantime, to stop safely we will find hydraulic brakes ZOOM HB-875which are characterized by their effectiveness when it comes to stopping dead and which represent an advance over the typical mechanical discs that abound in the market.


Powering the BEZIOR X1500 is a 48V 12.8Ah battery which, according to the manufacturer, offers us a range of 45 kilometers using the electric mode, a figure that passes without pain or glory to be honest. As you can guess, there are 3 driving modes and one of them is pedal assist. Using this last mode we can extend the route up to 100KM with a little luck and effort.

removable battery

As we said before, this battery has the benefit of being removable, which makes life easy for us when it comes to recharging it. In addition, the recharge time is not very long, we are talking about an average of 5 hours to bring it to 100%.

Availability and price of the BEZIOR X1500

In conclusion, the BEZIOR X1500 is emerging as an electric MTB that does not lack anything to perform its function. It’s powerful, fast, convenient and comfortable to use, not to mention that it has a foldable design and removable battery to keep things simple. Nonetheless, we find its electric range disappointing for the price, but beyond that it’s a solid e-bike option for 2022.

The BEZIOR X1500 is available for your purchase through Banggood.combut we also found available at for a similar price and with European shipping. Another good alternative to acquire it is As always, we recommend checking all the offers before making a decision.

  • powerful and fast
  • good range
  • folding design
  • Front and rear shock absorber


  • expensive
  • Electric autonomy is mediocre