AVAKA R3, a bike to take long rides

avaka r3 destacada.jpg
avaka r3 destacada.jpg

The avaka R3 It is an electric bicycle belonging to the mid-range and that is designed to provide long journeys in urban environments, it is characterized by its large size, 700 x 40mm tires, 350W motor and autonomy of up to 70KM. In addition, it enjoys a stylish and robust design capable of providing the user with a safe and comfortable riding experience, all this and more for a reasonable price that makes it worth considering if you are looking for a long-lasting electric mode city bike. autonomy.

Technical characteristics of the AVAKA R3

Model R3
Guy urban electric bike
Dimensions 178 x 66 x 104cm
Weight 25.4 kilograms
Available colours Grey, White, Green
wheel size 700 x 40C
frame materials Aluminium alloy
Folding Nope
Break system Front and rear mechanical disc brake
Engine power 350W
Maximum speed 25km/h (32KM/h)
battery capacity Li-ion battery 36V / 12.5Ah
Autonomy 30 – 35KM in electric mode, 60 – 70KM in assisted mode
Loading time between 4 and 6 hours
supported slopes Up to 25º
supported load 120KG
indicative display Yes, color LCD
Lights Yes, front and rear LED
Package content Electric bicycle, charger, user manual, fenders, tools, kickstand, starter keys.


The AVAKA R3 is an urban touring bike whose appearance does not differ much from that presented by the AVAKA R1, so what we have in hand is a large e-bike with a classic design, which cannot be folded. With that in mind, the bike measures around 178 x 66 x 104cm and is suitable for adults with a height between 160 and 210cm.

AVAKA R3 - Design

Be that as it may, it is made up of a lightweight frame of aluminum alloy 6061 that discreetly integrates a removable battery and mounts on 700 x 40C tires, which provide excellent traction and cushioning on paved roads.

In another order of ideas, the left handlebar is home is a intelligent color LCD display. Naturally, it tells the rider the real-time speed, mileage, remaining battery charge, the selected mode and also the level of pedal assistance.


Driving at night will not be a problem with this bike, as it has both a Front LED headlight as with rear brake lightThat’s not to mention the reflectors on the wheels.


Finally, it is worth mentioning that we can buy it in 3 possible color presentations: Grey, white and green. Regardless of the color chosen, the features and elegance of the design remain the same.

engine and features

The AVAKA R3 is powered by a 350W motorwhich reaches a maximum speed of 32 kilometers per hour, but which apparently comes limited to 25KM/haccording to the manufacturer, so it is in the gray zone of legality (for use on public roads), although it must also be considered that it has an accelerator and electric mode, which does not contribute to its case.

AVAKA R3 - Engine

Either way, it’s a relatively powerful engine, exhibiting the ability to accelerate to full throttle in a matter of 4.9 seconds, as well as climb 25-degree inclines in electric mode. Similarly, the bike itself is designed to carry a maximum load of 120 kilograms.

In another order of ideas, the transmission system is the responsibility of the Japanese brand Shimano, which has fitted the AVAKA R3 with a Tourney TZ rear derailleur and a 7 speed thumb shifter.

AVAKA R3 - Transmission system

For its part, braking is in the hands of a pair of mechanical discs with rapid heat dissipation and emergency braking that guarantee safe stopping.

The only thing that, in our humble opinion, would have sealed the deal with a bang is some sort of damping or suspension for the front fork, but unfortunately we can’t say that’s the case here. The R3 goes all-in on its big tires to mitigate bumps in the road, and that’s somewhat understandable coming from a city-focused e-bike like this.


Before concluding, it is worth mentioning that the AVAKA R3 is powered by a 36V / 12.5Ah battery that promises between 30 and 35 kilometers of travel, which is not bad, but it gets better when you consider that this estimate is based on the electric mode. In this sense, the pedal assist mode can prolong that journey up to 60 or 70 kilometers away at best. It should be added that the assist mode It presents us with 5 different levels that allow us to regulate the electric thrust that the motor gives us at all times.

As always, we must warn that these figures are approximate, the real autonomy can vary greatly based on different factors, mainly the user’s weight, travel speed, road conditions and ambient temperature.

AVAKA R3 - Battery

With all that said, it is a battery that takes between 4 to 6 hours to recover 100% of its charge, but fortunately it is removable, which greatly facilitates the charging process and compensates for the lack of folding, since it simply we can remove the battery and recharge it inside the house or office. Said battery is secured in place by a starter key that we will need at all times to start the engine.

Availability and price of the AVAKA R3

Without a doubt the AVAKA R3 is a competent city bike with good range, power and other features, although it obviously comes with the consideration that it doesn’t adhere 100% to European law, as well as the fact that it has no system. Higher quality damping and brakes, but you can’t have everything in life, or at least not for this price.

Those interested in the AVAKA R3 can find it for sale on Geekbuying.com with European shipping and in two of its possible color presentations.


  • Overall driveability
  • good autonomy
  • powerful engine
  • removable battery


  • Bulky and impossible to fold
  • mechanical brakes
  • It has no cushioning

Total score