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AVAKA BZ20, electric bicycle for the day to day of the most demanding

The avaka BZ20 is a mid-range commuter electric bike. This model is characterized by its 20-inch tires and compact dimensions accentuated by a curved frame, in addition, it is powered by a 500W motor that provides a speed of 25KM/h coupled with a range of up to 55KM. As if that were not enough, it is foldable and has a removable battery for user convenience. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a mountain model capable of accompanying you on all your adventures, we suggest you take a look at the Samebike MY-SM26 , which has 26-inch tires and has a top speed of 30 KM/h. 

Technical specifications of the AVAKA BZ20 

Mark  AVAKA 
Model  BZ20 
Type  Electric bicycle 
Dimensions  1740*570*1240mm 
Weight  28.5 kilograms 
Available colours  Black 
wheel size  26 inches 
frame materials  Aluminium alloy 
Folding  Do not 
Break system  Front and rear mechanical disc brake 
Engine power  500W 
Maximum speed  25km/h 
Maximum load capacity  120 kilograms 
battery capacity  Li-ion battery 48V 15AH 
Autonomy  35 kilometers (electric mode), 45 – 55 km (assist mode) 
Loading time  between 7 and 8 hours 
Supported slopes  Up to 25º 
Supported load  150KG 
indicative display  Yes, monochrome LCD 
Lights  Yes, front and rear LED 
Package content  Charger, Wrench, Tool, Multi-Function Hex, Padlock, Quick Release Front Wheel, Pump, User Manual. 



This is the AVAKA BZ20 

There is no doubt that the distinctive feature of the AVAKA BZ20 is having opted for a curved frame with compact dimensions. However, its peculiar shape does not compromise resistance, after all, it is an aluminum-magnesium alloy.

Being compact is definitely another point in favor of this bike, which normally exhibits size dimensions of 1740 * 570 * 1240mm. To make the bet even more interesting, the body of the bicycle is foldable in 3 parts, which saves us headaches when it comes to storing it. Similarly, the height of the saddle and handlebars are adjustable. When folded it measures 890 x 500 x 740mm , which means that it can be carried by hand or stored in the trunk of the car. 

AVAKA BZ20 - Design

As you can see, this Fat-Bike has 20-inch tires, but they are not small, they are thick (3 inches) and have a non-slip texture that improves traction on any type of terrain, so it can defend itself reasonably on unpaved or uneven roads, although obviously not ideal. 

In another order of ideas, the small cushion on the rear rack catches our attention , as well as the fact that the battery is located under the saddle and that it is somewhat exposed; but don’t worry, the BZ20 is IP54 certified, so it can get wet with no problem. It is important to note that it is a removable battery, something very convenient when recharging it. 

AVAKA BZ20 - Folded

Also worth noting is the presence of a bright LED headlight for driving at night and an LCD instrument to indicate battery charge, as well as speed and selected driving mode. 

Engine and features 

Powering the AVAKA BZ20 is a 500W moped that provides a top speed of 25KM/h , which is not much, but is still the legal limit here in Europe for this class of vehicle. That said, the bike has the ability to climb slopes with a 25° incline and supports a maximum load of 120 kilograms. 

Engine and features

In another order of ideas, it consists of 3 driving modes: power, moped and bicycle. 

The inclusion of a shock-absorbing front fork earns this eBike a few extra points as it translates to a smoother ride on any surface. As if that weren’t enough, the saddle also has some degree of suspension, which further contributes to the comfort factor. 


The AVAKA BZ20 has a professional 7-speed transmission system for easy gear changes and more comfortable pedaling on any terrain. It also has a rust-resistant coated derailleur bonded to the frame, while the shifter is integrated into the handlebar. 

AVAKA BZ20 - Transmission System

Braking is in the hands of mechanical disc brakes located on both wheels. 


This electric bicycle is powered by a 48V 15AH lithium-ion battery that offers a range of 35KM to 45KM in electric mode , a figure that depends a lot on the road conditions, temperature, user weight and speed. Be that as it may, it falls a bit short for the standards of this market segment. The consolation is that it can be extended up to 55KM or 65KM of travel with the pedal assist mode. 

That said, it takes an average of 7 hours for the battery to recover to 100% capacity, which is a long time to wait considering its lackluster battery life in electric mode. 


There’s one saving grace again, and by that we mean the fact that the battery is removable , thus easing the recharging process considerably. 

With all that said, the AVAKA BZ20 is shaping up to be a good option for commuting around town. In favor of this model is its comfort of use and the folding design, while its autonomy is against it, which falls short, not to mention that it takes considerably long to recharge. 


  • Compact and foldable design 
  • Comfortable  
  • cushioned saddle 
  • removable battery 


  • Recharge time is too long 
  • The engine is very powerful 
  • mediocre electric range 

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