AudioOS 16.3, news for the HomePod OS

audioos 16.3 novedades del so para el homepod y homepod mini.jpg
audioos 16.3 novedades del so para el homepod y homepod mini.jpg

As you well know, not long ago Apple launched several products and updates for its operating systems, where they obviously stand out. iOS 16.3 Y iPadOS 16.3, but we cannot forget about the updates to minor operating systems, such as tvOS 16.3 and audioos 16.3. On this occasion we will know the news that comes to the latter.

What’s New in AudioOS 16.3

In this sense, Apple’s operating system for homepod speakers (1st, 2nd generation and Mini) receives a version that enables humidity and temperature sensors. In conjunction with applications iOS 16 Home and Shortcuts We will be able to automate many of our home automation devices based on what these sensors perceive.

Additionally, ambient sounds have been remastered to be more immersive and can be added to scenes, automations and alarms in the Home app, and recurring Home automations can be set with Siri commands.

What's New in AudioOS 16.3

It is also worth noting that the company added a unique confirmation tone played when smart home requests are activated for accessories that are in a different room or do not show a visible change.

Except for the HomePod Mini, it is brought to the table optimized audio tuning, providing improved clarity for spoken content such as podcasts and audiobooks. In the case of the first generation ‌HomePod‌, we will now find updated volume controls to make more specific adjustments when using lower volumes.

Finally, the Find My app on HomePod now allows us to ask Siri for the location of friends or family if they have shared it with you.

How to update Homepod to the latest version

‌‌‌‌‌‌AudioOS 16.3 should automatically install on our ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Homepod‌‌‌ unless the feature is disabled‌‌‌‌. In the same way, we can update manually in the Home appeither from our iPhone, iPad or Mac. To do this, we click on the HomePod in question, then we touch the adjustment wheel in the lower right part and, finally, we press Update.

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