Artillery Sidewinder X2, substantial improvements and more useful features

artillery sidewinder x2 mejoras y mas caracteristicas en esta nueva version.jpg
artillery sidewinder x2 mejoras y mas caracteristicas en esta nueva version.jpg

The Artillery Sidewinder X2 is the successor to a robust entry-level 3D printer known for competing with Creality and its successful Ender 3 series, we’re talking about the Artillery Sidewinder X1, so that should serve as an appetizer for what this new model has in store for us. In this sense, we can expect the same base experience from the X1, but better, given that this time we can add automatic hot bed leveling to the equation, which is a nice bonus for both veterans and newbies.

That said, Artillery has been guided by the saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” when manufacturing it, given that it continues to bet on direct extrusion, volcano nozzle and Z-axis twin screw system, although yes, with some improvements to the aforementioned features. What has not changed is the build size, which remains at 300 x 300 x 400mm.

Artillery Sidewinder X2 Technical Specifications

Mark Artillery
Model Sidewinder X2
Technology Fused deposition modeling
Year 2021
Assembly Partially assembled, DIY
Mechanical arrangement Cartesian, head in XY axes
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Build speed 150mm / s
Third party filament Yes
Filament Materials PLA, ABS, PET-G, Flexible PLA, Wood, TPU, PVA, HIPS
Printing area 30 x 30 x 40 cm
Maximum nozzle temperature 240 ° C
Maximum heated bed temperature 130 ° C
Connectivity SD / USB card
Print recovery Yes
Structure dimensions 55 x 40.5 x 87cm
Weight 12.9 kg
Package content
  • Artillery Sidewinder X2 3D Printer
  • Mounting tool kit
  • Assembly instruction
  • Assembly guide



A 3D printer that becomes known to us

Visually, the biggest change in the Artillery Sidewinder X2 it is the use of a blue injection molded part with the mark “SIDEWINDER”, instead of the aluminum profile used by the X1. This is similar to what we appreciated in the Artillery Genius, another budget printer from this company that we recently reviewed. As expected, it comes pre-assembled.

Artillery Sidewinder X2

For the rest we cannot point out any other relevant external difference (in addition to the position of the filament spool holder), since as in the previous model, this machine uses two lead screws for movement in the Z axis which are linked at the top with a timing belt. This helps keep the lead screws in sync and prevents the Z gantry from falling when not in use. This is particularly important on the X2, as this time there are no separate stepper motors for each motor.

Tempered glass hot bed

The tempered glass hot bed with AC power it also repeats, which means two things. First of all, it heats up very quickly, in just 3 minutes it can reach 110 ° C. Second, the uniformity of heating has the same deficiencies as the previous model.

In the same vein of the above, the plastic extruder idler It has not been replaced by a metallic one, which means that we can expect failures of the same type, although perhaps to a lesser extent, given that now the heatsink is part of the extruder, which improves cooling.

Artillery Sidewinder X2 - Ruby motherboard

What we cannot criticize is the decision to replace the 8-bit motherboard with a ARM-based 32-bit Rubyas it ensures that the printer has processing power to spare for everything. It is also very quiet.

Printing and features

Like the previous model, the Artillery Sidewinder X2 offers a build volume of 300 x 300 x 400mm, as well as the possibility of working with all kinds of flexible filaments. In the same way, the direct Titan extruder, the volcano nozzle, the printing speed of 150mm / s and layer resolution of between 100 to 350 microns are maintained.

Artillery Sidewinder X2 - Build Volume

In another vein, the most practical upgrade coming to the Sidewinder X2 is its automatic bed leveling. Absent from Artillery products so far, the BLTouch-style physical probe included in this new printer is a welcome addition. Artillery says it will come pre-assembled, so insiders won’t have to worry about installing it properly.

As for the print quality itself, it is the same as what we get on the Sidewinder X1, so it might not be worth buying the new model if we already have the first one. That said, the results are more than satisfactory for a printer in this market segment. The finish of the models is well defined and the same applies to the precision of the details, there is a little vibration (ringing) and appreciable overhangs when printing at more than 60mm / s, but it is to be expected in this range of the market.

Artillery Sidewinder X2 - Extruder and BL Sensor

In a different vein, we can take it for granted that the Sidewinder X2 has all those safety features that are indispensable today, such as print resume in the event of power outages and filament sensor to notify you when the supply of material is about to run out or if there is a problem with it.

Connectivity and other features

There really is not much to limit in this regard, all we have to work with is a USB port to connect it to the computer and an SD slot for memory cards, which will allow us to print offline. For the latter we also have the help of a color touch screen, whose interface designed by Artillery shines for being intuitive and very responsive.

Sidewinder X2 - Print Resume

Availability and price of the Artillery Sidewinder X2

If the new Artillery Sidewinder X2 has caught your attention and you want to get one, let us inform you that you can get it for sale at usual channels like Amazon, but it is also available on for a competitive price. As always, choose the option that suits you best or offers the best price.


  • Automatic leveling
  • Relatively quiet
  • Good print quality at a good price
  • Security features


  • It looks more like an improved model than a new one
  • The heating uniformity of the bed could be better
  • The plastic extruder of the original model repeats



Total score


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