Aprilia eSRZ, features of the new fashionable electric scooter

aprilia esrz 2.jpg
aprilia esrz 2.jpg

At this point, electric scooters are no longer a novelty, nor do they make us turn our heads when we see someone on the street driving them. We have normalized them and integrated them into urban mobility. So much so, that it already exists electric scooter legislation. Although this is something that still raises many doubts, there are certain aspects that we are all already clear about (or at least should be), such as that you cannot drive on the sidewalks or that the speed limit is 25 km/h. If you are thinking of buying one (either as a gift or to renew your fleet), today we are talking about the aprilia eSRZ, a model that comes from one of the best-known vehicle brands.

Aprilia has designed an electric scooter that maintains its hallmark, but also offers us very well balanced features for the price that we will have to pay for it. It is perfect? Not much less, but we do want you to know everything in detail so that you know what their strengths and weaknesses are. Let’s go there!

Aprilia eSRZ design

This Aprilia eSRZ is a electric scooter which offers us a traditional design in terms of structure, but with colors that we found very attractive. Combination of black, white and redthe colors of the house, so that at first glance you can see the identity stamp that its manufacturer imposes on it.

With a frame built in steelwe see on the handlebar a integrated LED display, from which we can see the basic details of our driving (such as speed, remaining battery life, etc.). It is tiny, but enough to always have these important data before our eyes.

The handlebar grip is designed in another material to guarantee ergonomics and prevent it from slipping during the hottest months, something super important for us to have total safety. In addition, also on the handlebar we have a small doorbell and a brake lever. In this sense, we have to emphasize that the bell is not super powerful, but in stores like Aliexpress they sell external bells that you can attach to your handlebar without problem and that gives us more power. It’s not about making noise for the sake of it, but riding a scooter in a day of heavy traffic can be dangerous, so the more they see us and the more they hear us, the better.

From the design of this scooter we can also mention that it includes a relatively large wheel arch so that we can support our rear foot on it if we are more comfortable that way.

Aprilia eSRZ

has resistance IP54, that is, it resists splashes from puddles, light rain, roads that have a little dirt… It is not the most resistant on the market, nor can we tell you that it is off-road, it is designed for the city, mainly to drive on asphalt, but in any case It is interesting that it has this minimum of protection in order to make sure that unforeseen rain or a path that is not in the best conditions will not spoil our scooter. Speaking of endurance, it is capable of working when the ambient temperature is between -5ºC and 50ºC. Enough.

As for the dimensions, it has measures of 1020 x 430 x 1143mmbut it can also be folded and stays in 1070 x 430 x 510mm. Its weight is 18kg. Supports a maximum load of 100kg.

Tires, brakes, engine… what else can you expect from him?

This Aprilia eSRZ is an electric scooter that has a 300W brushless motoralthough it can reach a peak power of 600 W. This allows us to reach a maximum speed of 25km/h (what the law establishes) and easily climb slopes with a degree of inclination of fifteen%.

Also, ride two 8.5″ wheels with inner tubes. They are not the most robust (many other scooters on the market have 10-inch wheels), but they are pleasant to ride. Also has rear disc brake and electronic front brakeso that the vehicle responds without margin of error as soon as we press the brake lever located on the handlebars.

Aprilia eSRZ

And for our safety, it has front and rear LED lightsbut, just as we have recommended with the doorbell, you can also find more powerful spotlights on the internet if you want to be seen better.

Regarding the driving modes, we have three options: L1 (less than 6 km/h), L2 (less than 20 km/h) and L3 (up to 25 km/h).

Finally, we want to talk about its battery, with a capacity of 6 Oh and an autonomy that can reach up to 25km. It is somewhat small, but its charging time is also below the market average. If other scooters take about 7 or 8 hours to charge, this Aprilia eSRZ recharges in just 3-4 hours.

Technical characteristics of the Aprilia eSRZ

Aprilia eSRZ
Guy Electric scooter
Color black, white and red
folded dimensions 1070 x 430 x 510mm
unfolded dimensions 1020 x 430 x 1143mm
Weight 18kg
maximum weight supported 100kg
main material Steel
Endurance IP54 / Between -5ºC and 50ºC
Doorbell Yeah
Screen Yeah
Engine 300W brushless
Maximum speed 25km/h
Pitch fifteen%
Wheels 8.5″ with air chamber
Brakes Rear disc brake and electronic front brake
Lights Front and rear LED lights
driving modes
  • L1 (less than 6 km/h)
  • L2 (less than 20 km/h)
  • L3 (up to 25 km/h).
battery capacity 6 Oh
Autonomy 25km
Loading time 3-4 hours

we have found it in PC Components and also on amazon and in other stores as Media Markt.

  • Reduced charging time
  • With folding capacity
  • good power
  • Bring screen with useful information
  • Offers non-slip grips
  • Reach the maximum speed allowed by law

  • it’s quite heavy
  • Autonomy is somewhat reduced
  • The illumination of your headlight is not as powerful as we would like
  • The ringer could be more powerful

Total score