Apple Watch Series 7, review of its new features

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apple watch series 7.jpg

The apple event met expectations from the press and users, as nothing was saved in the field of smart devices with a total of four versions of iPhone 13, two new iPad models and even the next generation of its famous watch Apple Watch series 7 with important news to highlight.

Apple Watch Series 7 is a new wereable that shows at first glance changes in its aesthetic sectionFrom a larger, higher-resolution panel, reduced bezels, and even new home screen interfaces to choose from. Its performance is not far behind when add new measurement functions and a battery that now promises faster charging.

Apple Watch Series 7 features

Apple Watch Series 7

Previous generation interchangeable straps are compatible with Apple Watch Series 7

The model in question conforms to the design trend of mobile phones with a remarkable 40% reduction in bezel thickness surrounding your panel from edge to edge, while for its display enhancements outdoors in broad daylight ensures that the screen shines 70% brighter. There’s also an always-on display mode missing in case extra battery drain isn’t an issue for one.

The rest of the specifications to mention include a Aluminum structure that does not forget IP6X certification and WD50 resistance, including a glass that will not have problems with scratches. The interface has also been improved so that up to 50% more text can be read this time.

For its operation, the same sensors as in the previous generation are maintained, including blood oxygen measurement or the ability to perform electrocardiograms, although the addition of new sports modes that are added to those already present, such is the case of tai chi or pilates.

Another optimized section focuses on the device’s fast charging system, because this time the Apple Watch Series 7 promises 33% more speed when compared to the figures seen in the Series 6, thus needing a time of 8 minutes connected to have enough autonomy to overcome a whole night of sleep control.

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be sold at an official price of $ 399 and it can be purchased throughout this fall but with no dates yet confirmed by Apple. It will be for sale in various colors, green, blue, red, white and black.