Apple Reality Pro, more data emerges from mixed reality glasses

apple reality pro se revelan mas datos de estas gafas de realidad mixta.jpg
apple reality pro se revelan mas datos de estas gafas de realidad mixta.jpg

The delay of the glasses Manzana Reality Pro, which would presumably be its launch name, has increased expectations around this apple device. In the meantime, there is the consolation that they will definitely be shown in 2023, and on top of that new details of its operation have emerged.

For example, Apple Reality Pro headset will have internal cameras to enable eye tracking. In this way, users will be able to control various functions with just a movement of the eyes. This includes using the buttons or choosing an item from those available.

However, this is far from being everything, what remains is related to the external cameras. With these it will be possible to analyze the movement of the hands and control the interface of the device with them.

The information to which we refer came via Bloomberg, by the journalist Mark Gurman. He added that the new Apple Reality Pro glasses will also be able to perceive when the user joins the thumb and index finger to perform a certain action.

In this way Apple makes it possible for the Reality Pro to effectively become a mixed reality device. Thus, the user will be able to live a unique experience in which the virtual world is combined with augmented reality. All this thanks to theCombination of internal and external cameras with real-time transmission.

Apple Reality Pro, a reality that is still far away

It should be noted that through a great effort and a lot of technology involved, the Apple Reality Pro will allow the user an immersive experience without the need to use a physical controller. Although this achievement is not exclusive to the apple brand, it is believed that this device will enjoy many advantages that similar equipment on the market does not have.

Apple Reality Pro, a reality that is still far away

Now, it is up to explain with the help of Gurman, the way in which the user can travel between virtual reality to augmented reality or in the opposite direction. According to the Bloomberg journalist, this will be achieved thanks to the use of a digital crown that, when rotated, will facilitate the exchange between experiences.

To magnify the experience, Apple Reality Pro glasses, they offer the user the option of being represented by a full-body avatar. As a climax, in the not too distant future the protagonists of the experience will be able to meet whoever they want in virtual environments. For now, and for processing technical limitations, only two people can meet through your avatar. It should be clarified that these limitations do not prevent many people from being able to interact with each other, however, they will only appear as an icon.

Finally, according to the source, It is possible that soon we will be able to see the images of the expected device, of course through leaks. The truth is that the release date is unknown for now, although it is said to be in 2024. Regarding the price, it is said that there will be a premium version of around $3,000 and a cheaper one of $1,500.