Android 15’s dessert is vanilla ice cream

vanilla ice postre de android 15.jpg
vanilla ice postre de android 15.jpg

The tradition repeats itself. The android dessert names game has once again left us a new recipe for which there is still quite a bit of time before we can taste it. When Android 14 is not yet available to users, we already know the android 15 dessert name.

vanilla ice cream or Vanilla Ice Cream, this is the name of the Android 15 dessert

If you do not know what we are talking about, let us give you a brief background. Traditionally, Google has given as a “code name” (that is, the one used for internal development) pastry recipes. The name of Android 15’s dessert is vanilla ice creamthat is to say, Vanilla ice cream.

With this refreshing dessert, the development of Android 15 is already beginning, the version that will be released in 2024. This has no influence on users, it is simply a curiosity that pulls more from nostalgia than from practicality.

android dessert

And it is that from the first versions of the Google mobile operating system we associate each number with a dessert. With Android 10 he died facing the public, since it stopped being used in favor of using numerology. It is certainly a smart decision, since it is much easier to know if Android 9 is coming before Android 8, than to know that Android Pie is a more modern version than Android Oreo.

However, internally it is still usedThis is quite common in software and hardware development, to keep the products being worked on “secret”.

Yeah Android 14the version that will reach users in a few months and that is already available for developers, is Upside Down Cake (i.e. cake upside down), Android 15 Bet on a much more summery dessert: vanilla ice cream or vanilla ice cream.

What do you think of this choice? Do you like it?

Via | XDA Developers