Android 12L, this is the version for folding mobile phones and tablets

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android 12l.jpg

While most smartphones will begin to receive the update to the new version of the Android operating system at the end of 2021 and the beginning of the next, Google has surprised with the announcement of Android 12L, a tailored platform that will include specific optimizations for improve performance on foldable screen phones and tablets.

Although for years there have been complaints from users in the way in which some content is displayed or the adaptation of certain Apps for tablets, the truth is the increase in popularity of new phones that can fold their screen (for example Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3) is what he has ended up convincing him to create a special version of Android 12. So far this is all that has been officially confirmed:

Official Android 12L Features

Android 12L

Android 12L will facilitate the use of Apps in split screen

Starting with the most obvious, the arrival of Android 12L will not be exempt from the renewed main interface of the operating system called “Material You” and that it will facilitate that the themes developed for folding mobiles and tablets adapt better to the background colors.

For a correct visualization, a new double column layout will be integrated for the notifications section and the lock screen. It works automatically when the operating system detects that the screen size is above 600 dps wide.

As if that were not enough, a better understanding of the system when a folding phone is hinged somewhere in its frame, so that it is more easily recognized and the contents on the screen that are displayed are adapted accordingly.

To take advantage of more screen space, Android 12L will now feature a bottom bar that will make it easier to run split screen apps. Users will only have to drag their favorite applications so that they are anchored in that space and when tapping on them they will open directly in that mode.

Finally, for tablets Google will change the way the Play Store recommends applications and it will no longer highlight those that are not optimized for large screens. Otherwise, a compatibility mode has been included that opens the applications like in any other conventional phone.

Mobile phones will receive the first beta in December, another in January and also February and then obtain the stable version from the second quarter of 2022. As usual, Pixel terminals from version 4 onwards will be the first to test Android 12L.

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