An iPhone or $10,000? What would you choose?

iphone warren buffet.jpg
iphone warren buffet.jpg

Recently, there have been some controversial statements from Warren Buffett about Manzana. The popular investor has praised the brand image of this company and the loyalty of its consumers. In fact, he has launched a quite interesting debate that makes us rethink many things. What would you say if they offered you $10,000 in exchange for never using an iphone again in your life?

The example of Warren Buffet puts the loyalty of iPhone users on the table

This question has quite a crumb, since although at first it seems that the obvious thing is to choose the money, in reality, loyal Apple users who stop to think twice it is very possible that most of them choose the device. And, deep down, it’s not crazy, since loyalty to the ecosystem of this brand conditions the response, something that It doesn’t seem to happen with any other brand that uses the Android operating system..

Buffett has not made these statements blindly. And it is that he has an important role within the company, since he is one of its main investors with almost 120 billion dollars in shares invested in it.

iphone 10000 dollars

In this interviewhas praised the American company and also its CEO, Tim Cookof which he has affirmed that he is a very elegant businessman.

Of course, I too have wondered if I would give up iPhone for life in exchange for $10,000. And the answer, today, is that No. And not because I consider myself a fan of the brand, but rather because the smartphone is a very important work tool for me and I prefer to choose which one best suits what I need at all times, regardless of whether it has an apple or not.

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