Amazon presents the new Echo Pop, Show 5 and Echo Auto

amazon presenta a los nuevos echo pop show 5 y echo auto.jpg
amazon presenta a los nuevos echo pop show 5 y echo auto.jpg

amazon is excited to introduce three new devices to the Echo product line, here are the Echo Pop, Echo Show 5 and Echo Auto. All of these smart speakers are powered by Amazon Alexa, the company’s voice assistant, and can naturally be used to control a variety of IoT smart devices, perform searches, play music, podcasts, and access Amazon Skills.

Today we will briefly know what distinguishes each of the devices mentioned above and you are more than invited to the appointment.

amazon echopop

The Amazon Echo Pop is shaped like a sphere and is the most affordable and basic of the 3 devices. This is characterized by its ccompact size, suitable for bedside tables and shelves; but don’t let its small size confuse you, as it has a powerful directional speaker tuned by Amazon and the AZ2 Neural Edge processor.


he himself is available in 4 colors (black, white, lavender and green) and there are optional covers that add even more color options.

EchoShow 5

The brand new 3rd generation Echo Show 5 includes a redesigned microphone array and it is also powered by the AZ2 Neural Edge processor. Like its predecessors, its main feature is the 5.5 inch screenwhich opens up a whole realm of possibilities, especially if we count the frontal camera in the equation to make video calls. Additionally, Amazon has made a few improvements to the speaker system, so it should provide clearer sound with better bass and more volume.

EchoShow 5

Echo Car

The Echo range for the car is also renewed and arrives with a slimmer design, which includes a adhesive backing for easy installation in the car. This model is equipped with 5 built-in microphones that make it easy for Alexa to understand you regardless of ambient noise. Naturally, we can use the 2nd generation Echo Auto to enjoy music, podcasts and even Drop In to compatible devices, all this and more without ever taking our eyes off the road.

Echo Car

Availability and price

The new Echo series devices They are already on sale on for the following prices:

  • Echo Pop for 54.99 euros.
  • Covers for the Echo Pop for 22.99 euros.
  • Echo Show 5 for 109.99 euros.
  • Adjustable support for the Echo Show 5 at 32.99 euros.
  • Echo Auto for 69.99 euros.

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