Amazon Halo View, Amazon’s smart band that does have a screen

amazon halo view la banda inteligente de amazon que si incorpora pantalla.jpg
amazon halo view la banda inteligente de amazon que si incorpora pantalla.jpg

Among the great tide of This Week’s Amazon Ads it can be easy to miss little ones, like the company’s new smart bracelet, the Amazon Halo View, which unlike its predecessor (Amazon Halo), does have a screen, and not only that, a full color AMOLED type. Interestingly, this quantifying bracelet includes a one-year membership to the Amazon Halo fitness service, which provides training instructions in the form of video and access to the Halo Nutrition program.

Amazon Halo View

The first thing that catches the attention of the Amazon Halo View is the incorporation of a AMOLED full color touch screen with haptic feedback. Otherwise, the body and design are inherited from last year’s model, although yes, there are 3 color presentations (black, green and purple) and a good handful of bands with different colors and textures.

Amazon Halo View

The band promises a autonomy of 7 days with normal use, and according to the company, it only takes 90 minutes to charge to 100%.

At the level of functions, the band stands out for the optical sensor that measures both the heart rate such as the level of oxygen in the blood (SpO2). Additionally, it has a skin temperature sensor and accelerometer. Naturally, we can also expect pedometer, sleep monitor and various sports modes to keep us in shape; the only thing missing is GPS.

Amazon Halo View - Features

However, it is through the service of Amazon Halo reaching its full potential. First of all, we have Halo Fitness +, which in addition to having hundreds of exercises in video format to follow, records the data of the exercise session. In second place, Halo Nutrition It does what its name suggests, helping the user to follow a balanced and healthy diet, as well as planning weekly menus as needed.

Halo Nutrition

Availability and price

For now, the Amazon Halo View stays in the United States, where it will be sold for a price of $ 79.99 later this year. However, the services included in the Halo View subscription will begin to be available in January 2022.

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