Aliexpress Choice Deals Showers: Soak Them Up!

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Do you use aliexpress? Then surely you have already seen a new option in this popular Chinese store. Aliexpress choice It comes with many advantages to make buying here more and more satisfying. In this article we want to tell you what Aliexpress Choice is, how it works and even some discount coupons so you can take advantage of it now and get your favorite items at the best price.

What can you expect from Aliexpress Choice?

Aliexpress Choice it’s a new aliexpress channelwhich stands out for having own logistics and supply chain. In this way, we can have a better shopping experience, since the delivery time will be reduced, it is easier for returns, among others.

Some benefits of this platform are:

  • Three free returns per month
  • Free shipping from 10 euros of purchase in 10 days
  • exclusive promotions
  • 100% cashback coupon for new users

And for you to get the best prices, here we leave you discount coupons so you can save on your purchases:

  • ESNEW04: €4 discount on orders over €5 for new users
  • ESZBANX15: €15 discount for €100 purchase
  • ESZBANX25: €25 discount for €150 purchase
  • ZBANX30: €30 discount for €200 purchase
  • ZBANX55: €55 discount for €300 purchase
  • ZBANX08: €8 discount for €50 purchase

Aliexpress Anniversary

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And since the party doesn’t end here, we want you to know that until March 27th is being celebrated Aliexpress Anniversary. We have many exclusive offers and very interesting advantages: 4 euros discount for every 20 euros of purchase, free shipping in just 10 days, discounts of up to 80%, among others.

Best Aliexpress Choice deals on Technology

Lifepo4 battery station

Lifepo4 battery station

We begin by talking about a very useful, light and compact device, which will work as a life saver when we are away from home. The Lifepo4 battery station It is ideal for camping, for the beach, for the caravan or for any other place where we have problems accessing electricity. allows us to load up to eight electronic devices, any device under 200 W can be charged. That is, you can charge a computer, a tablet, a mobile, a fan… Whatever you need!

It comes with several Connector types: 1 x AC port, 4 x DC ports, 2 x USB ports, 1 x QC3.0 USB port and 1 x PD fast charging port.

Sale price: 181.25 euros / Discount: 20%

70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus

70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus.jpg

We continue with another very curious gadget that we also found within the framework of the Aliexpress Choice offers. We now talk about the 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus, a dash cam to use in the car and be able to record what happens around you. This camera is placed on the dashboard and you can record in 4K, with a viewing angle of 140º and 24 hours of autonomy.

It has support so that we can place it inside or outside the vehicle, it also has integrated GPS.

Sale price: 75.05 euros / Discount: 24%

Mini Drone S1S

Mini Drone S1S

Another very interesting device that now has a fantastic price is the Mini Drone S1S. With it you can record in 8K, take aerial photos and enjoy views that you couldn’t have saved on your film in any other way.

In addition, its brushless motor makes it more durable and quieter and it is also worth noting that it is foldable, so you can take it with you in your backpack or suitcase, taking up minimal space. Its autonomy gives us a flight time of about 18 minutes.

Sale price: 35.57 euros / Discount: 10%

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro

If what you want is to enjoy the advantages of a smart bracelet on your wrist, here we recommend within these Aliexpress Choice offers the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro. It is the most advanced model of the brand, with a modern design and a screen that takes center stage, thanks to its 1.64 inches.

With it you can monitor your physical activity and your health. Among others, it has a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor, independent GNSS positioning, among others.

Sale price: 47.43 euros / Discount: 14%

Redmi Buds 4

Redmi Buds 4

And we end with the Redmi Buds 4. These are true wireless headphones, available in various colors and with a very comfortable and ergonomic design. The tws headphones are those that do not have cables of any kind, neither with the emitting device nor with each other. They give us great freedom of movement thanks to this 100% wireless character.

Their sound quality is quite good considering their cheap price. In addition, it has active noise cancellation, with the ability to neutralize up to 35 dB. And as for its battery, another important aspect of this type of device, we can mention that it offers a range of 30 hours.

Sale price: 34 euros / Discount: 11%

In the Aliexpress Anniversary we found a lot of very interesting offers and with the advantages of Aliexpress Choice that it is worth knowing today. Do not miss it!