Alexa and Lonely Planet help you choose a vacation destination

alexa and lonely planet help you choose a vacation destination
alexa and lonely planet help you choose a vacation destination

Summer is the time of year when most of the longest vacations of the year are concentrated for most people. And without a doubt, the favorite activity at this time is traveling: discovering new cultures, discovering new places, enjoying another gastronomy or, why not, going back to that place where you were happy and proving Sabina that she was very wrong. But if at this point you still don’t know  where to go on vacation , the new alliance of  alexa-in-the-form-of-a-robotic-pet-to-monitor-the-home/">Alexa and lonely Planet  wants to help you with this.

This is how Alexa and Lonely Planet are going to help you choose where to go on vacation

To make use of this new utility, you just have to “summon” your virtual assistant with the command  ” Alexa , where can I go on vacation?” . From here you can start a conversation in which you will indicate  the duration of the stay, the budget you have, if you are more of a beach or mountain or maybe if this time you are looking for an urban destination, if you want to party in the night or if you prefer something quieter , among other issues.

With all this information, Alexa and Lonely Planet  will recommend destinations  and even give you  tips to enjoy each of them as if you were a regular resident.

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Andrés Pazos Morantes , Senior Business Development Manager for Alexa in Spain, stated that “this collaboration with Lonely Planet takes Alexa one step further, making her the perfect advisor for choosing the next vacation destination in a personalized way.” For its part, a  Lonely Planet spokesperson recalled that the company has “with 50 years of experience, it is the world leader in travel content in all formats.”

This new utility is compatible with  all devices that integrate Alexa and is already available.