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A woman swallows an Airpod by mistake and a lot happened afterwards

Things happen in life that can never be explained. The curious case of the woman who accidentally swallowed an airpods-3-this-could-be-its-design/">Airpod It is one of them. Aha sounds incredible, but that’s what happened to a woman who allegedly mistook her device for an ibuprofen pill and gobbled it up.

There are many who doubt the veracity of the story, at least as to whether it was accidental or not, however, the curious thing about the story came later when this person gave him for record the sounds from your stomach and then post it on TikTok. She explains that she had the receiver in one hand and the pill in the other and when she swallowed it she realized that it was not the medicine that she had taken.

The AirPod had an easy entry, but its exit was not so easy

The truth is that after the traveling Airpod lodged in his stomach, he started recording audios and then published them on the TikTok social network. What happened next is incomprehensible, the video of the noises in his bowels has already had more than three million views and rising.


The handset, as it is logical to deduce, took longer to leave than to enter, and it is obvious to know where it came out and in the conditions that it did. At least their owner has already indicated that she will not use them again; As long as he does not give them to auction them and another to buy them, we will have a good closing of this strange story.

Although there is already a history of people who have apparently swallowed an Airpod there was not one as documented as this. What is striking about this event is that there are people who take time to listen to an audio of these characteristics. Well, TikTok is the universe of the possible, if it is recorded someone sees it.

For now, the woman already had her minutes of fame thanks to her Airpod and her noisy stomach. A recommendation nor buy used Airpods, it is not known where they have been.

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